Elderly couple enjoying an ice cream on a bench.

Elderly couple enjoying an ice cream on a bench
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  1. Salah Sal hope we be like this after 50 years

  2. Or they had to exchange their theeth

  3. Daniel Wurm says:

    Sandra He wir machen das auch… Heute und in 60 jahren… Aber mit ner ganzen box

  4. Don’t have smartphones to catch pokemons
    Well, very smart from their side.

  5. Tolga Topcu says:

    InsAllah ilerdeki halimiz Suna Soyturk❤️

  6. Zoey Trista says:

    Joel Whittaker relationship goals ❤️

  7. Tahlia Serruto my baee

  8. Hahahahaha that will be us for aure

  9. Angie Marie says:

    So touching. Only if life could be like it was back in the older days when there was so much love and respect.

  10. Adam McShane says:

    Ginger Adamson my love!!

  11. You can’t make me randomly cry like this it’s not fair!

  12. can we do this Jon Goad

  13. Priceless. This sort of life is still here you just have to go find it.

  14. Kathy Cross says:

    I wanted it to be like that for me and my husband and now we’re separated.

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