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Doctors Urge People to Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately! Here’s Why

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  1. Michele Engel says:

    Stop the madness! That is NOT what the study showed. First of all, it was a study of about 29,000 patients, nowhere near 10 million. Secondly, it was an observational study, not a clinical study. An observational study simply means the results were self-reported, as opposed to clinically measured. (In a clinical study, an individual weight and height are measured by a a professional using instruments that are proven reliable and valid; in an observational study, the person tells you verbally what s/he weighs and how tall s/he is.) Also, they had no evidence of whether someone who claimed she or he was taking a non-prescription NSAID had actually done so, for how long, or for what reason (which might have been for symptoms of heart disease that had gone undiagnosed). Therefore, the study actually reported that the incidence of heart attack might be as high as 30% for the non-prescription NSAID users, but they could not prove causation. The study did, however, look at a specific NSAID medication that is available only by prescription, and they were more confident of the correlation regarding that drug. Correlation is not causation. Here is a link to the details of the study: . This website, The Truth Inside You, has little to do with truth and a lot to do with publishing nonsense that will draw lots of gullible readers so that it can get rich off of ad revenues.

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