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Did Snowden really claim that Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive? (VIDEO)

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  1. of course he is ….that was the biggest lie ever told the day they said obama had him killed…shocked me just how many people believed it

  2. ..we all have to remember..the “so called body” was buried at sea….without any confirmation..the Navy Seals..well we know what happened to them…

  3. U do see the difference… Like did his mouth. Ascend a couple of centimeters and his ear is larger so no its not him

  4. Danny Vela says:

    He’s dead shut up get over it guess what so is hitler and saddam

  5. anything mainstream is full of lies …. nothing surprises me; however the more of us realising the illusion weakens those in power … I am grateful for the global awakening <3

  6. He’s having a blast with Elvis!

  7. I believe CIA, Military secret Service. Remember they are 24 brothers and sisters. Brothers have similarities

  8. Jay Michael says:

    I don’t believe nothin’ no more about nothin’.

  9. are they the ones that died in the helicopter crash?

  10. ..some..yes…If we look at of BinLaden ,Hillary George Bush,Oliver North…it would have been way to costly to off Bin Laden…OBAMA DID NOT KILL OR ORDER THE KILL..this was gonna go down whether he knew or not…The Clintons have alot invested in Iran(Valerie Jarrett),the taliban(Bin Laden) Saudi Arabia…Obama is just a puppet

  11. Audrieau says:

    Which means you believe everything about nothing.

  12. Bruce Baker says:


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