Depression Isn’t A Choice, It’s A Kind Of Brain Damage.
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Depression Isn’t A Choice, It’s A Kind Of Brain Damage.

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  1. I am a firm believer that if you nurture depression then you will get sick.

  2. As an adult of repeated traumatic events as a child and as an adult, it feels this study is correct. I also have cptsd. The messages my brain sends is different from how a person grows up under more “normal” circumstances. I wish to all that is holy, that i could control or change the affects. I am on very little medication, by choice. Just enough to keep me going forward. Depression is not a choice i would make, if i could choose.

  3. Carl Noble says:

    Hell – always knew I was brain damaged!

  4. Ralph Parra says:

    well I guess my brain its damaged !!!

  5. I don’t believe that !

  6. Celia Hui says:

    Kev Ng Terry Chan

  7. Cindy Lynn says:

    I do believe this!

  8. Cindy Lynn says:

    Maybe because, you have a VERY happy face on and you’ve never felt depressed; trust be if you have ever been depressed you would pretty much feel brain damaged; severely….

  9. Well I have battled depression more then once in my life ,and I have been sucked in the pit so deep I couldn’t see the light ,but as my walk with the Lord grew I knew who God is and he’s no a God of depression.some years ago Charles Stanley did a sermon on discouragement is a choice it’s in his life Princples Bible ,my paster did a sermon 2 or three years ago my life was mess I was barley hanging on he did a sermon about perspective it’s a choice of how you look at things and renewing your mind Romans 12.2 as my friend was in serious condition I refused to say good .bye ,because Satan loves to deceive people with his lies …it’s like now alot of things are going wrong but I know and trust God will take care of me .I believe this insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result .with all the medical issues I have it wouldn’t be hard not to get depressed but I know what God has done in the past and will continue to do .when we know who God is and who he says we are then we know and live out of his promises .am I saying depressed people are bad people heavens no but I believe Satan has them decieved ..and think about this were responsible for our own happines if your notes happy and you have the ability to change something do it .

  10. Trudy Main says:

    Not brain damage…but diminished brain functioning..and that is something you do to yourself!!

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