Chinese Boy with Ability to See in Pitch Black Stuns Medics

Chinese Boy with Ability to See in Pitch Black Stuns Medics

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  1. Simply made in China, hopefully not a defective gene. Who knows, they do a lot of weird stuffs.

  2. Ashley Strom says:

    Ivan Bartha…lets go to China and meet some of these children

  3. Ben Hawken says:

    Wonder if vaccines played a part here?.

  4. not a new human race, a genetic anomaly.seeing with no light is impossible.our eyes need light to see anything. unless he sees in infra red.

  5. Cache Eiji says:

    more of a maladaption………. he can’t see efficiently in sunlight, yo.

  6. Aaron Baker says:

    Evolution maybe… Monkeys be talking soon as well.

  7. Amy Koch says:

    Not a new race, it’s ocular albinism. Just something strange in his genetics.

  8. Let me guess before I read the article: Genetic Engineering?

  9. Pretty Tough says:

    May be some kind of Alien….there are so many secrets that we will not know till the day we die.

  10. Linda Thayer says:

    Well why would we assume evolution would stop with us? Fascinating.

  11. Mutation of the genes happens often and daily, doesn’t matter where in the world.

  12. I would be very interested in meeting this young man.

  13. This is already existing in Korea. Nothing new

  14. > 9 Sep 2016

    Very likely it is his DIET

    It is NOT A EVOLUTION of Human kind

  15. Old news.Could be photos shopped.

  16. Marty Gray says:

    Just wondering what that’s got to do with the THEORY of evolution

  17. There a video that shows everything, but ok. Lol

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