Children will play with everyone. Until a parent tells them not to.

Children will play with everyone. Until a parent tells them not to.
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  1. Or teach them by their actions

  2. Manish Patel says:

    Truth is truth even if you believe or not.

  3. Emma Cobain says:

    How beautiful is this picture *~*

  4. Jay Millz says:

    Nicole Vesely you as a baby

  5. John Guarige says:

    So..think…before you send “those words into space”…

  6. Eric Weida says:

    Been there…done that…changed that…my kids can play…racism stops with me

  7. That is a beautiful picture. Why can’t it be that easy???

  8. très affectueuse image

  9. Too cute! They can teach a few adults!!

  10. De Vera Maru says:

    Glorence Mayor Pobletin

  11. Joji Ho says:

    … and I always rebelled against that…
    happy I did no matter how many scoldings – not to mention punishments- I got❤️
    It was not racism but “classism”.

  12. Dianna Henry says:

    Truth Be Told Kindness And Love Are Everything

  13. Jabs Naz says:

  14. Jeff Davis says:

    Leon, my mom told me not to play with you!

  15. I’ve witnessed racist parents…and at a Christian school. Shameful…

  16. Tanya Towers says:

    So true why don’t adults see the real fun

  17. So sorry. But that is true

  18. In Islam, there is no race. We are all one ummah. <3

  19. Alan Long says:

    It’s so true, when I was a youngster my parents never told me who I could or could not play with with.

  20. I would tell my kids not to play who is a bad influence i dont care what status or appearance! Well they’ll never know how great growing up is if you choose who they play with

  21. Sad but true. Kids loves everyone and sees everyone as equals until parents ingrain it in them otherwise.

  22. sharing with love ♥ Truth Inside Of You

  23. United we stand devided we fall…

  24. Judith Head says:

    Let them play with who ever they want to play with lovely picture

  25. Yes children are so inocent

  26. The bible teaches us to become like kids…we should learn to say less!

  27. Mony Ong says:

    Love this. I teach all my kids to play with anyone that play nice with them. Also teach them that the color of a person skin doesn’t make them a bad person or a good person.

  28. Diffrent colours but, one people.

  29. This is why I love John Muir Academy!

  30. Lisa Kucker says:

    I would never tell my kids or grandkids whom they can an can’t play with in my eyes we are the same way God just made us in different colors but didn’t put us on earth to hate one other.we are equal .

  31. Julie Heil says:

    this how war starts

  32. Julie Heil says:

    telling our kids that different is bad. the very seed of a war

  33. Why is this even an article?
    Unless the child or the person is a bad influence why should the appearance even be considered.


  35. Toks Hussain says:

    20 years later 😉

  36. Quite right in some cases it’s this stupid believes that ruin life for every one

  37. True that. Children are taught to hate.

  38. Tom Pera says:

    cool…. like it!

  39. Parents Are Sucks .. -_-

  40. By the gods, I thought the one on the left was a boy.

  41. OREO……ummmmmmm…..very nice…..

  42. Grandkids father did this best friend in 3rd grade ,Dad and friend starter talking now all blacks are scary and bad.

  43. Sitting upstairs on the bus.2 little boys who had been fishing one black one white.The white boy was a bit sun burnt and he compared his arm with his friend and said.(Look Ben I am catching you up ) This is true and says it all really.

  44. Ina Enslin says:

    What a precious picture….

  45. Rana Miller says:

    Artless heart❤️

  46. One of my greatest disappointments as an adult is dicovering that all things natural and good I knew as a child are not practiced by adults and they always say “that is the way things are”, I wish I had more courage to challenge that false statement more often than I had knowing full well that inner child was right.

  47. When l was young l asked my Mum why were some black and some white, she told me that they had a built in sun tan as they came from hot climates, but under the skin we are all made the same – I never forgot , Thankyou Mum

  48. Julie Heil says:

    Imagine….our kids are smarter than we are…so we send them to school to become stupid….humans are insane

  49. We all have the same blood great

  50. Misses Mai says:

    Pure and sincere acts

  51. This is sooooooooo true

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