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Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for Human Consumption”

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  1. Viv Jey says:

    Because they are lazy, and too busy on fb and mobile, to cook real meals for kids.
    Good on you Jamie. Save the children!!

  2. Haha should I read it ?

  3. Yes. But u will forever be hungry and il turn u into vegan

  4. Then I’m not reading it

  5. Not healthy though
    Someone think about the children or something

  6. Paul D Voth says:

    Cause they’re idiots?

  7. Blazio Sempebwa Ned u mea??

  8. Hum… plus jamais de mcdo pour moi.

  9. No. Because we grew up being treated to it occasionally, and they also advertise alot on TV as well. We are all just now finding out its true ingredients in the last few years here.

  10. Paul D Voth says:

    I’m an old guy and my parents were farmers. I had my first McDonald’s when I was 15 yo. I’m turning 70 next year and appreciate the good food I was given. You are correct and happy to hear you are giving up fast food.

  11. Jason Gram says:

    This is sooo old and outdated, They only add a pitch of pepper now. No artificial anything. That would cost to much. The patties are now 100% clean whole mm ground beef from Cargil

  12. Rick says:

    Out of date …. I don’t eat McDonalds – but they only use pure ground beef & seasoning – no chemicals.
    They used to … but not been that way in UK for a long time.

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