If you can only move two matches, what is the biggest possible number?
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If You Can Only Move Two Matches, What Is The Biggest Possible Number?

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  1. majchers says:

    Sorry. But the biggest number is 5.9414932e+29 – in another words: 509 to the power of 11.

  2. Mark says:

    Pretty sure that 5^118 is bigger than 509^11…
    or :
    3.0092655e+82 > 5.9414932e+29

  3. majchers says:

    Yes, but for that you’d have to move more matches as there is not enough ROOM (on the original pic above) to place those two indicating the power symbol. Unless you set DIGITS of the original 508 apart enough that placing the power symbol will not change position of the other matches. 😉

  4. based on your brilliance, i’d say 5118^11 is bigger

  5. Charity Doyle says:

    I would think, if you can make 5^118, then you could make 8^115, which is bigger…

  6. Sorry Gregory… but we stick to the number format, ok? The last sign is no a digit 😀

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