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Your Body Is Acidic. Here Is What You Need To Do (The Real Truth Behind Cancer You Will Never Hear From Your Doctor)

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  1. Faisal Alk says:

    lactic acid environment

  2. Akshaya Ammu says:

    The mere marketing minds even starts oxygen business

  3. Kelly Croot says:

    So true that’s why I drink Alkalyzed water regularly! Love my Enagic Water system…so glad I don’t need to go to the store to buy it, right out of my tap!

  4. Hip Bau says:

    Squeeze lime in your drinking water every time. It greatly helps especially with our modern acidic based diet. (lime or citrus is actually alkaline in the body) Apple Cider vinegar as well – the ONLY alkaline based vinegar – consume this daily with sliced raw onions. the cider neutralizes the sulfur taste of the onions so its good eating.

    Cut sugars, starches, and meats ( my weakness) 🙁

  5. Which is brought on by eating meat ! Meat is acidic , our bodies are alkaline , veg is alkaline !

  6. Jason D says:

    This is deliberately misleading. Otto Warburg’s Nobel was for his “discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme”.

    His hypothesis on cancer have proved nothing, and have themselves not been proved. There is pre-clinical work being done, but nothing with enough substance to be the seen as proof by any rational person. Which is why you will not hear about it from doctors.

    The work being done may result in a treatment for cancer, but at this stage it may just as easily not result in anything useful.

  7. Tammy Croft says:

    100% . I have always beleive this. My acidity is high

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