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Berkeley Doctor Claims: People Die From Chemotherapy, NOT Cancer!

Berkeley Doctor Claims: People Die From Chemotherapy, NOT Cancer!
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  1. He is aabsolutely correct.

  2. That’s nice to know for everyone who has already taken chemo

  3. Olga Torres says:

    It’s about time someone is confirming it !!

  4. Agreed! And you don’t need to be a doctor to figure that out! Just be an observer of someone with cancer going through it and u get it pretty easily!

  5. Kirk Bullard says:

    He went to medical school to tell us this?

  6. Karen Draper says:

    Would not surprise me

  7. No. This is simply not true. I’ve seen people survive cancer and become medically CURED as opposed to death without chemotherapy. Why do you post these blatant lies? What purpose do they serve? Are you wanting some gullible person to base their choices on this only to die and their survivors sue this page and it’s owners for wrongful death and God knows what else?

  8. This is absolutely true

  9. God Bless, an honest doctor.

  10. Karen Young says:

    I think this is a very emotional.issue and there needs to be understanding for both sides because there will be completely contradictory experience. Some people will find a cure with chemo and some will find alternative non conventional methods. They are absolutely out there and people absolutely do make full recoveries, but it won’t be for everyone. I think almost more important is support, understanding and belief that something can work

  11. Sherie Wise says:

    The dr.s like to play the fear card. I was told in 02 if i didn’t have bi-pass heart surgery i would be dead in a year. Lol still here. I was on their drugs for four years and my health declined. I have also been told by md’s not to bother coming back if i didn’t take the prescribed med. So i didn’t go back. It took a while to regain my health bet feeling pretty good. I am now diabetic thanks to one of those prescriptions. Just beware of the fear card they like to play.

  12. You all check the website that this info comes from? There are elixirs for curing smokers lungs to proof of consciousness after death. I would be cautious and do more research away from this site.

  13. Gee Searing says:

    Every case is different, and there are good and bad diagnosis. Know your doctor and continue to educate yourself about your situation.

  14. I would have to agree!!!

  15. Fran Painter says:

    I think this is probably true. Sad but I believe they are just practicing medicine and making $ not healing people. Chemo is poison.

  16. I’m sure there is more than a little truth in this. However this article would be much more compelling if it was not so poorly written, badly constructed, with grammar errors and a nonsensical sentence or two, and full of adverts abd repetition.

  17. I don’t know if is truth but possible yes cuz that plus depression, chemo,n radiation can only prolonged ur life not cure cancer it helps in some cases but others it seems tlike that help patients die faster on top they looks really sick specially w/ u loose ur hair,I’m so lucky,never lost mine tomorrow will b 17 years canser survivor… ….yeiiiiii! Iam so very thankful n BLESS*”‘:)

  18. This is way too scary. People need to do their own research. we know cemo kills healthy and cancer cells indiscriminately. I’ve seen this cure buy time with loved ones and the cost has been a women’s self esteem. Breast removal, steroid weight gain and hair loss. I hope the next generation will get it right. I will never second guess anyone’s decision on treatment. I hope I never have to make that decision.

  19. I remember a story I heard a while back about a guy who was a natural health expert helping his dad who had been diagnosed with cancer. I don’t remember the whole treatment regime, but I think he was juicing and cleaned up his diet along with some other things. The dad was doing this for months, feeling really good and if I remember right his tests were showing the cancer was shrinking. Unfortunately his doctor talked him into the idea that this was just “a fluke” and it wouldn’t last and he would die without “proper treatment”. The man agreed to a round of chemo, and within six weeks of starting it he was dead. 🙁

  20. Rob Schaible says:

    Well no sh*t sherlock. How many people have walked away from cancer through alternative treatments that would have been dead in weeks had they done chemo? The drug companies are more than happy to keep this misconception and lie going on and on forever so they can make their thousands and thousand of dollars with every chemo death.

  21. Torrie Lee says:

    Please can we see the methodology behind this? I think numbers speak more loudly than words. Solid numbers. Please.
    Anybody know how to prove this claim? THAT can make all the difference in therapy prescribed by doctors (motivated most possibly by standard care practice and the pharma industry). That and only that.

  22. The cancer treatment protocol of chemo & radiation have kill more people than cured. ALTERNATIVES Work* you get a much better extension of life.

  23. Try some cannabis products….

  24. Kate Dahill says:

    This may be true with some slow progressing and/or non-metastatic cancers, but not fast and/or late stage. Our bodies can’t see cancer as cancer cells are cloaked and there are many situations where there is no time to wait for alternatives to chemo to uncloak and kill these and cancer cells. Articles like this make some refuse lifesaving treatment or get on board with it when it’s too late. Then they are gone from this world because they were told by some jerk(s) that the mushrooms, exercising, juicing, yoga, etc. was enough to save them and in time.

  25. Kate Roberts says:

    Not all treatments work for everyone. Thea reality is, when its your time to go, nothing you can do will reverse that.

  26. Kate Roberts says:

    3 yrs ago they told my brother he had a 95% blockage and could go anytime. He’s still going strong. Dr Steven Masley talks about how unnecessary heart surgeries can dislodge plaque and kill the patient. My friend has pulmonary fibrosis due to medications.

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