Be thankful for what you have.

Be thankful for what you have.
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  1. I am thankful for what I have but I am not content with it.

  2. People telling me what i should and should not be thankfull for. go away !!! now theres a wish

  3. It is not about being thankful but about understanding ones own needs and that springs only from self knowledge, a journey deep inside oneself, one that examines desire. We as humans have desire inside us and that truth is undeniable but when we look at it without condemning it or judging it, we find answers. These answers are not part of the patterns of thought that have sowed the seeds of desire because all such thoughts are based on our own understanding of the way we live, in the miserable cycle of reward and punishment. We attach our happiness to various beliefs and forms of entertainment and therefore desire become a form of security from the petty miserable lives we lead. Again to deny desire and run away from it will never give us answers because when we do so we again seek answers from existing patterns of thought, following religious scriptures that espouse denial of desire. When we look deep inside and understand ourselves then a clear picture emerges, one that makes us aware of desire, never denying it but never also attaching our happiness to it. This awareness leads us to live according to our needs and keeps us moving from moment to moment where pleasure is replaced by joy

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