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I am creator and author of I study political science and public administration and I love spending my time thinking, reading, writing and speaking out of the box. Seeking hidden knowledge is one of my favorite hobbies. I also love meditation, music and rugby!

It only takes one minute to deconstruct racism

Jane Elliot, an anti-racism activist was asked maybe one of the most difficult questions. “Why do we hate?”.

Bertrand Russel Explained A Simple Way To Live A Happy Life

The British philosopher, logician and mathematician Bertrand Russel (18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970) was asked to give some piece of advice, from all the lessons he learned while living his life.

Almost 23 Thousand Europeans Die Each Year from Coal Pollution.

Power plants that operate on coal are still a big thing within the EU, even though renewable and nuclear energy are quickly gaining space as important sources. Coal use, still not eliminated, is very destructive for the environment, as it…

China just managed to construct the world’s largest telescope.

In China, one great accomplishment has been completed after five years of effort. The Five-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, also known as FAST, is the largest radio telescope on earth.

The Paris Climate Change Agreement Was a Good Start..but Is It Good Enough?

World leaders met in Paris, from 195 different countries, in a groundbreaking effort to reach common agreements and find a way to work united against climate degradation. The main goal set was to not allow global temperature to rise more…

Portugal Is One Good Role-model for Renewable Energy Use.

The small country of the Atlantic ocean is putting a lot of effort in diminishing the use of non-renewable energy sources, as its natural resources and location on the world map creates quite a favorable condition: sun, air and water…

Three Things You Need to Stop Believing About Antibiotics…even If You Don’t Want To.

Antibiotics are a very contested term in the field of pharmacology, and many myths surround them, a lot of which many of us believe them too. Are you ready to let go of the ones you believe in?

A Scientist Created A Battery That Lasts For Ever…By Accident!

One of the tech enthusiasts’ biggest problems is that, in our ever-running, wireless world, they have to slow down from time to time, wire up and charge their batteries. Power banks may offer temporary solutions, but still, they are not…