Eirini Konstantopoulou
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Eirini Konstantopoulou has studied Special Education in Athens and has completed the program of the National University of Athens "Psychopathology of infant, child and adolescent". Her passions are arts and books. Through the ''Truth'' she believes she can learn more about psychology and how to accept and express all the aspects of herself.

A Powerful Lesson I’ve Learned Reading Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist.

One of the world’s best-selling book the Alchemist is probably one of the best books you’ve read. Or you will read if you already haven’t!

What Dreams May Come. A Love Story.

I believe you all know the book of R. Matheson ‘’What dreams may come” and if not, then you’ve probably seen the movie with Robbie Williams in the role of Chris Neilson.  Although I loved the book my purpose of…