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Ashton Kutcher: My Organization Found 6,000 Trafficking Victims This Year. (Video)

  • Shouldn’t they be called what they are, Slaves.

  • But girls need lot money

    • yes but women can also get a education.

    • Do you actually think trafficked women make money? What in the hell is the matter with you?!?!

    • Leigha N Justin Bolton I do agree with you wholeheartedly. What’s wrong with Solaire to say that, “but girls need lots of money”? This is not about those indecent girls who earn their living through street prostitution…this is about abductions, kidnapping girls against their wills and threatening to kill their parents ect…they put those girls into sex slaves even just small little girls. Solaire, please educate yourself more into this matter for it’s about something more horrific to those abductees all over the world. There are so many evil doers in this world rich or poor alike. Don’t be mad at me, i just state the fact so you can learn, Solaire. God bless!

  • Nice to see he’s so caring , but only Jehovah Gods Government will rid the scum off his planet very soon . Dan 2:44

    • So how does that make your religion any different than extremists? You want to wipe the earth of what you deem unfit or wrong. Same thing they’re doing, way to be a hypocrite.

    • My religion or whatever THE BIBLE tells us at Rev 11:18 that God is going to bring to ruin those ruining the earth , Brandon that should make us very happy to know that God will come to our rescue , if he allows this system to go on much longer , rich war mongers will end up starting WW3 & completely ruin the planet , THE BIBLE tells us God will not allow his beautiful planet to be ruined . Please have a little browse of for me .

    • Marty Gray this is absolutely true!

  • So how can we stop this?

    • Nothing we can do about it, those evil doers are everywhere and too much corruptions in the world. Please pray more each day. God Bless!

  • true, real men stole them and burn his town

  • Doin a whole lot to help. Holding a sign and everything.

  • Bull shit Ashton .. wedding ring , engagement ring . wedding . house , on and on , Men have been paying for women from day one buddy,, Dating , who pays ? the guys do .. Grow some Balls Ashton ya fag Man up homo.

  • Qué bueno que tenga una fundación para ayudar a esas chicas !!

  • Gail E Pierce Brown

    Ive been drugged and sold by my ex and i heard it from people , passersby as i shop, I’m scared what should i do