Anonymous Hackers Target Denver Homelessness, Over Homeless Camp Cleanup #OpRight2Rest

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  1. This is really messed up!!!! Leave the homeless people alone

  2. This title is incorrect. Anonymous is supporting the homeless by demanding the Mayor and folks treat the homeless with dignity. They aren’t targeting the homeless – they are targeting the folks cleaning up their camps

  3. Basically, show some love and compassion for them, don’t leave them alone!

  4. Ofc Christina.. that’s exactly what we try to say by that title…maybe you misunderstood our point. But you can check the video, also the link included that explains the exact launch of #OpRight2Rest and what is this about. We support Anonymous, even if this turns against us in the social media.

  5. I was actually replying to someone’s comment that you should leave the homeless alone – I was correcting ger

  6. Ok!! we misunderstood then! xD

  7. Sue Woods says:

    I hope anonymous takes the city all the way down for what they do to homeless people.

  8. Homless. Need love and help this can happen to any one

  9. Local authorities should supply survival kits and mobile phones to help people including food and shelter and support

  10. Marc So says:

    Our gov should be sued and convicted for not taking care of our own people first instead of taking in all these illegal immigrants and refugees and giving them the free ride on the taxpayers expense, that 70 million Obama spent on his vacations and the 150 billion he gave Iran would’ve helped our homeless a lot and now he has the nerve to ask for an 18% pay raise, he must be really stupid

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