Anonymous Begins Publishing Identities of KKK Politicians and Cops.

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  1. anonymous is a movement, and not an organization. How people use Anonymous, may not necessarily represent how other supporters show their displeasure

  2. Truth…..not hiding behind hoods…..let heads roll

  3. Evil thrives in darkness and grows and ignorance

  4. Ligia Man says:

    His dad was part of the kkk His grandfather had worked for Hitler and Donald has Hitler quotes by his bed and takes pride in it…

  5. All you people are ignorant, the keyboard cowards hide them selves let them show themselves first

  6. Jo Davies says:

    Yes it should be done

  7. Do it please. Because when blacks get together and organize they collect all of their names and give it to the FBI or just lock them up so why can’t we know who’s behind the hoods???

  8. Danny Vela says:

    You know nothing about anonymous

  9. Hmm People are entitled to their views and opinions! Only expose those that are extreme and practice or encourage violence!

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