America Officially Not Greatest Country on Earth… It’s 28th, Say Researchers.

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  1. Trump will make america great again and for the first time you can call america number one without sounding stupid.

  2. PD Rose says:

    I guess it’s time for you to move.

  3. Jorge Adame says:

    And it’s only getting worse

  4. Aaron Baker says:

    Get rid of the demecraps and vote in the Republicans…!!! Lol

  5. You’re being funny, right?

  6. Lee Reeves says:

    Think he is carnt be serious pmsl

  7. Dan Jarvis says:

    That comment, in itself, sounds stupid!

  8. Gil Balangon says:

    Greatest in what sense?

  9. New Zealand at 30th though? What is this?!?

  10. If you’re wearing the American flag as a shirt and your hairstyle is the mullet, you’re definitely not from the greatest country in the world.

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