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After Seeing How Gummy Candies Are Really Made, You’ll Never Eat Them Again. (Disturbing & Graphic)

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  1. Carl Noble says:

    wow – would be a great snack for any Muslim!

  2. Lets Feed them TO muslems aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I like PIG

  3. Terry Burke says:

    Christine Michelle don’t eat

  4. Jt Gaynor says:

    Umm embarrassment to humanity comments much?

  5. Merri Lu says:

    Alene Thb ur favourite snack!

  6. Emily Kramer says:

    Luca Broccolè Cuscunà I’m sorry tesoro mio

  7. I will never read this!!!!!!!

  8. Emily Kramer says:

    It’s a film you can watch.

  9. Emily Kramer says:

    Mio dio, mai più per me!

  10. what is horrifying about gelatin made from pork?you people are uneducated?

  11. okay… there goes my all time favourite candy… now off the list

  12. Randy Schmit says:

    Well the said ” its not just for breakfast” at least they didnt lie. Lol

  13. Hailey Paige Anderson Steck

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