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7 Signs The Universe Is Trying To Show You Something Through Synchronicity.

  • Erin Swaby

  • Jordan Cairns dun dun DUN!

  • Sheila Marie Saladaga Deiparine

  • Molly

    Almost everywhere I turned for a while my friends would lose something, and I would barley even look for it and find it. Even with my own things if they lost it I would find it in an instant. I seen this as a synchronization in a sense

  • James Carter !!!!

  • Ma

    All the time. I would need something,but short of money and the next day walking into charity shop finding the EXACT item!

    Or predicting line from a movie. We laugh with my friends when this happen. I would say out loud what is going to happen or what will be said and or does!

    Searching for a vacancy with specific tasks and next day perfect opportunity exactly what I was looking for. Like someone tailor made it to what I was planning!

    Just awesome!

    Waking up to 7:07 am on the clock or going to sleep at 1:01 or 1:11 am lmao

  • Rohith Rao

    yes it has happened a lot of times n keeps happening but how will you know which direction in life you are going is right for you

  • Ruby Naaz point #5

  • Alana Bush

  • If a person write me a nice Mail I rather think that person is trying to tell me something than the universe