5 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Every Day.
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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Every Day.

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  1. Coffee is the ‘demon drink’

  2. coffee drinkers have become too smug about their addiction to caffeine…which artificially increases heart rate and causes a ‘wired’ effect…older people are discouraged from excess coffee by medical authorities.

  3. Jason Peart says:

    Rauli Karkulahti Ever hear of decafe?

  4. thank you Jason. Decaf is acknowledgement that caffeine is a problem for some people. It is a good step towards going drug-free. Decaf is not totally caffeine free

  5. Lisa Emma says:

    To Rauli Karkulahti: Are you speaking from personal experience? You must have had a lot of coffee in your lifetime to be so against coffee. Did you almost die from it?

  6. Lisa Emma . Haha. You have a sense of humour! I haven’t been a coffee drinker for decades, but I do have coffee beans and a percolator for those rare occasions when a visitor requests coffee. My comments offer an alternative point of view for people who have never considered trying a more relaxed physiological experience.

  7. Industrial strength espresso is an important part of my day!

  8. VaughanTobyWilde says:

    I drinlk too much. Two a day’s a good amount. God, it’s nice, though. I think I’ll go and have my bedtime one now.

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