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200 Year Old Mongolian Monk Isn’t Dead- He’s Meditating.

  • Ummm…. he’s dead

  • He definitely doesn’t look alive. And who cares for life like this?

  • Gale Lett

    Lol, I’m sorry but that dude is as dead as they come.

    • Kemosabe

      all it takes is one stem cell to rebuild the body,they claim.

  • That dude is as dead as they come.

  • There’s a dead parrot joke in there….

  • Who is going to wake him up and tell him?

  • What does he do for fun? No seriously, give us a video report with a doctor to prove he’s alive, and I’ll still tell you he’s dead…..boring!

  • Come on he is dead

  • Looks great for his age.

  • His tea is ready.

  • Nothing wrong with him, just his eyes aren’t working.
    Josh Roy Paul Darren Shane

  • ok if hes really still alive, wake him up from this “state” he’s in to see what happens.

  • He is in deep mummification all right. You see kids, when your ear looks like something you would clean the sink with, you are dead.

  • Dude’s dead.

  • Amen

  • Hahahaha! It’s a ghost

  • The walking dead

  • I’m sorry but that well known Monty Python sketch comes to mind

  • I give my respect to this Mongolian monk, weather he be alive, or dead.. He’s a master of meditation, and that’s for certain!

  • Annelise Juste

  • they should check his pulse.haha.

  • he’s dead ,,,

  • Samadhi

  • thats what kids look like playing there xbox

  • LJ Finster

    I may not be a smart man but I know what dead is.

  • Kemosabe

    Embalm yourself,it`s later than you think.
    Embalm yourself, while you`re still in the Pink.
    The years go by, as quickly as a wink.
    Embalm yourself,Embalm yourself,it`s later than you think.