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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Overthinkers.

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  1. Not all of this is accurate. But some of it is. Not sure a multi thinker is also an indecisive worry wort. Not sure at all. Two different categories

  2. Jessi Mongold I think we can relate to a few of these!

  3. Hahahaha WOW that could’ve actually been written about me.
    Kyle Smith

  4. Bonnie Marzo says:

    That’s us all right!

  5. Ashley Stone says:

    Everything but 10. How can we not overthink? What are some techniques?

  6. They usually end up in mental hospitals

  7. I can’t understand, when I ask someone what are you thinking, & they say ‘nothing’. How does one stop thinking?

  8. It’s really me, sometimes i am tired why i become such like that. But finally i found that meditation and learn to control myself really helpful. Huft…

  9. It’s not your business at all.

  10. Conversations can ‘replay’. Facebook posts can be regretted…’I should have said….’

  11. Matt Johnson ..exactly me

  12. Mike Tipton says:

    Okay. Now picture a couple like this raising a family

  13. Interesting read Jessica.

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