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THIS Sickening Reason Is Why You Should NEVER Buy Food From Jimmy John’s Again!

  • 10 dollar mediocre sandwiches were bad enough

  • I wouldn’t spend 5 cents with this company.

  • Haven’t ever eaten there and never really considered it. The commercials annoy me enough

  • boycott this man, he seems to have enough money

  • That is terrible.

  • Sad sad

  • I’ll never eat there again

  • They just opened one here. I will never eat there.

  • Too bad we as a country don’t care about our unborn babies being slaughtered everyday through abortions as much as you care about these animals. Get your priorities straight!

  • Piece of crap

  • I’ll gladly take his right thumb, left ear and entire jaw as trophy.

  • it will happen when his time is up, his soul leave the bodyshell and he will have to meet up the gods and goddess

  • ….. yeah, okay…..

  • Since January of 2016 900000 plus and counting babies have been aborted. Where is the outcry to that? Get your priorities in order.

    • What about all the homeless kids?? How many have you adopted??? And this post isn’t about abortion. Duh

  • We vote with our dollars.

  • I am through with Jimmie Johns. Didn’t really care for it .

  • Idiot

  • I agree never again will eat there ..

  • This is sickening, these sort of people need to be stopped, it’s just ego, to try to prove they’re big and strong, it makes me sick to my stomach…… It was on the news last night saying that within a decade most animals such as the lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos etc will be extinct. It’s all because of these cowards who kill for pleasure. Something needs to be done to stop these people

  • This subhuman is an arsewipe of the highest order.

  • Beyond words

  • Old and outdated news folks. Not only were his hunts perfectly legal (whether you approve of hunting or not, he didn’t break any laws), but it’s something he no longer does anyway.

  • Why isn’t he imprisoned, when he is clearly breaking the law??

  • Went there once. Not impressed. Dinky portion, too much money. Never went back. That was 10 years ago.

  • Please pass this on & share. Sorry for his employees but he needs to end this.

  • JimmieBallgame

    I would personally love to shove that rhino’s horn up his ass. ALL THE WAY.

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