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The Tragically Heartbreaking And Uplifting Life Of Keanu Reeves Revealed

Keanu Reeves 1
  • Nice to hear about him.

  • Nah … Couldn’t give a fuck about this rich guy’s (pathetic) tale of suffering. You should be ashamed for spouting this rubbish.

    • Your compassion is overwhelming

    • Omg

    • What an asshat. You, not Keanu…thought I should clarify…

    • Now this we coulde have done whitout…asshole!!!

    • You must not know what true loneliness and depression feels like . family is everything.

    • You couldn’t give a fuck but you replied.

  • amazing man

  • Thanks.

  • A remarkable man and so much sorrow in his life

  • Respect!✌️❤️

  • Nobody knows grief& broken heart until it’s happened to u & no .amount of money can take the pain away I for sure understand him. Love his strength.

  • Great actor so sorry for all your tragedies you still have to live on for themand yourself

  • Truly inspiring

  • Strength come from within,that special love

  • This has gone around before….hope he still isn’t in the same predicament … Come on!

  • Keanu Reeves you need to move on and face the new chapter of your life God bless

  • Yes for his level of down and out may be way different from mine, yet still the same

  • Love this man

  • He is amazing!

  • compassion is not finite to those who have experienced sadness. having been badly hurt, i am always there to help others.i wish i could do more. i have nothing to give but my time and a listening ear.

  • great actor with a good heart

  • He’s one of the ”good” guys.

  • Me too!!you have to try and move on!!I’ve been physically and emotionally broken but have immense compassion and empathy for people!!

  • Dame-Tez Mackay

  • How many times did you post it ?:)))

  • <3

  • Well i love him more than a little. Good man. Summer Craker sky Sky Yvonne Craker

  • Eustace Fernandes


  • Well billy Ocean said : ” when the going gets tough the tough get going”. You are not alone and you are loved .

  • This dude is the best. Not necessarily at acting… But truly as a human being, he is top grade, upper echelon, high shelf, person. His off screen life is epic

  • Come on brother, lift your eyes unto the hills from where come your help creator of heaven and earth for he is not finish with you yet he has a bigger plan for your life in Jesus name Amen.

    • Jaco Bezuidenhout

      Would you stop you religious bullshit?
      Can I get a haleluja? In JEEEEEEEEZUS NAMMMMEEE
      wake up stupid person

  • Love this guy

  • Heather Mathiasen

  • u so kute love u po godbless u more

  • It’s in his eyes..

  • Малко от сорта : “Изгори за да им а светло на другите”

  • Wallowing.

  • Great story, Rip…thanks for sharing…

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T, live and let live. Grief over personal (lost) love, is a very lonely process. No one knows what the individual is going through. Let him be, let him do it his way.

  • remembering ‘Salutation to the Cloud’ <3

  • It’s okay to donate & help the World… But you must put yourself as Priority first !! What’s the use of it… when you are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually broken ?! You can’t please people.. just because….

  • Żaneta Geltz

    I would like to invite Keanu to our project, which might make him happy? – could be our first international Hero. I wonder if he sees this comment?

  • Myriam Haar

    Sure that if you are a millionaire you don’t really think about money. Only those that don’t have any or not enough obssess about money as they have to survive on a daily basis with the little they possess. Not to say he is not generous of course, but he can afford to be financially speaking, that is the difference. Although a generous heart shows up in many different ways regardless of money

  • Linda Cara

    I loved him before,now I love him more.

  • Ms Sing Song

    If you ever read these comments Keanu and if it lifts you – I “get” you! Hauntingly Familiar! 👋 Let’s have Tea/Coffee☕🍵

  • People should read his life, if they exactly don’t know how to act humanely.

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