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Morgan Freeman Defends His Cannabis Use With A Truly Epic Response

  • calvet11

    This is one mess of a written story. Please tell me it was a tech problem and someone really didn’t mean for this rubbish to be published.

  • It does ease the pain of fibromyalgia, just wish it could get me a job XX

  • Ah yes, the pause that refreshes!

  • Holla Echo

  • Ienas Hamed

    • حتى أنت يا مورجان !! بس منيح انو عارف التشخيص والعلاج

  • Write the Queens English a fucking proper!

  • Is Morgan so stoned he can’t speak English. How can you print quotes in English incorrectly? They are quotes. Copy and paste.

  • gert gert

    this poorly written article reads like it’s been through a couple of translation programs. and then not proof-read.

  • I think the author was stoned.

  • What bad talking and the stuff things saying.

  • my favorite actor

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