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Highly Intelligent People Are A Bunch Of Messy, Cursing Night Owls

  • Gabrielle Gagnon

  • Mamie Carson

  • You wish

  • does being smart make you lazy?

  • Phew, thought it was just the adhd

  • Spy!

  • … just like me, I suppose??? …. people often tell me, that I know so much more than anyone else, … but why am I still lookin for a Job???

  • Yeah bitches! So if some of your friends are STILL trying to give you shit for just being the badass, foul-mouthed, messy, late-night babe you are, then it might be time to send them back to science class. You have every right to feel confident for being just who you are. Just sayin’

  • Igor Puček aha

  • Wana Miri Milèna Tchakandrakova

  • Frederike de Hek dit verklaart een hoop

  • Asma Sadia

  • How many times will this page repost the same shit.

  • Carmel Meier Hardison

  • Bullshit

  • Oh fantastic then their is hope for my kids

  • Ryan Seaton

    It is basically equating intellect with ADHD. Which is fairly correct.

  • Ok aknowledged but that is no reason to be comfortable with this situation. A little effort tidying your things and you will be perfect.
    Layal Al Agha

    • So next time someone tells you to clean up, politely remind that them that the week-old bag of Doritos on your desk is necessary for your creative brain. ✋

    • Lol it will be more creative in the trash bin

    • Nancy Tannous Al Agha this would be related to my current work

  • Ivan

    suddenly a bunch of high school punks think they’re intelligent lool

  • Somehow I’ve got the feeling that women increasingly got a gift for believing any studies telling them that being a “dirty bitch” is “good”.

    Now you’re told that what you’ve been told earlier is wrong: arguing this way really makes someone look intelligent 😉
    Yes, what your parents told you must be wrong because what others are telling has to be right …

    It is not the “studies” themselves that bother me but the way they’ve got sold publicly as the ultimate truth!

    • Only a bloke would take it seriously!

    • Colleen Cailin Metcalfe
      This isn’t serious and most people won’t take it this way, but it creates something else: a kind of “public common sense” which is totally … bullshit.
      You will only realize this when you have to deal with it and for example have decent people arguing exactly this way because this argument free them of the need of acting or helping!
      Besides this kind of arguing – referring to studies – is increasingly common among female politician. People are not listening to you as an individual anymore but put you in the boxes created by their “studies” telling you what according to those you should or shouldn’t be, have, want, deserve …
      It starts with this kind of little bullshit, which is indeed irrelevant, until you’ve assimilated the “logic” behind the argument …
      … and then you just take it for granted and find yourself arguing the same way.

      • CL.G.


  • Brian Ochieng’

    Well you neato-burrito cunts are certainly riled up eh. Feeling bad because you’re not the geniuses anymore? Fat cunts. And it took me a fucking lifetime just to post this fucking comment.

  • Me…me…me..organised mess , imsoniac..and yeah i swear if i have to

  • Sure they are. Not!

  • I new it!!!!

  • blah blah blah.stupid.

  • Studies show? Next week another study will show just the opposite. We are who we are. People are all different. Who studies the ones who do the studies?

  • lol I must be smart then…

  • Yes it is right.

  • silly ever, they try to teach you being bad is OK

  • Won’t last for sure !

  • I’d comment, dammit, but I have to nap so I can stay up tonight and write a story about messing my fucking room up even more.

  • I don’t think so

  • Because their a bunch of lunatics

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