Tom Hanks about his wife Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks about his wife Rita Wilson
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  1. Ken Dam says:

    Hell!…everybody loves Tom!why wouldn’t she!

  2. And I hope she could say the same!

  3. Obviously!! The questions is ¿do you, Tom, lover her like she is? 😉 Your words show your desire to satisfaction. Your satisfaction.

  4. Kathy Jaroll says:

    How about your doug?

  5. Obviously cause ur Tom Hanks ..

  6. It’s easy for us people to judge someone we don’t know. Try to avoid it cause most of the times it will easily lead you in a false path. At least, if you want to judge, do it with a positive perspective. Where you see satisfaction, it could be admiration in this case, but even positive, you could still be wrong. Peace!

  7. Said a happily married man!!

  8. John Martini says:

    but mostly she loved your money

  9. You are a lucky man! As long as you return the favour if she suffers these things.. You’re sweet!

  10. Thomas Beck says:

    Who cares … go back to acting. Leave the writling to Mark Twane

  11. Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life.

  12. Sham Bukhari says:

    This is True Love To Love the Whole person. When you love someone, you love the person as they are….

  13. Awwwn! You’re cute either ways Tom Hanks.
    But I guess that’s not all she sees.

  14. Kim Kim says:

    Anugerah Dian Putri

  15. Lucky you, your blessed!❤️❤️

  16. David Carman says:

    Jessica Lily Waterman

  17. My favourite male actor, she loves you for you Tom Hanks xx

  18. Tracy Morgan says:

    Lauren Shedd what a sweet thing. AWWWW this is why I love Tom Hanks.

  19. I’m sure it’s really tough to love a guy who’s the funniest man on Earth. geez.

  20. Even in the movies he loved Wilson…..great

  21. Just loving someone for who they are n nothing more. True love

  22. Catherine Latendresse❤

  23. I bet you’re pretty easy to love!! I will always watch a movie with you in it. Can’t wait to see “Sully”.

  24. Christine Kind Dischler❤️

  25. I thought wilson was a volleyball?

  26. Je t’aime et t’es pas fat ❤️

  27. Same for you Taniya Banerjee 🙂

  28. Just waiting for u to get bald

  29. Judy Loewen says:

    Hopefully he would love her, bald or fat or hairy. You wonder.

  30. It is no wonder Tome Hanks is my favorite actor!

  31. That’s women for you ,once

  32. That’s women for you. Once you are successful they can put up with anything.

  33. She also loves ur fame and money I guess

  34. Hope JD says:

    Awww they look so happy together

  35. Scot Sinbad says:

    That woman loves your money too.

  36. Hopefully you would love her in
    The same circumstances .

  37. This woman loved me when I was wealthy.
    This woman loved me when I was loaded.
    This woman continues to love me know I’m ultra rich…..oh!!!!!!

  38. Loved when I was married to someone else

  39. Rita Wilson is a successful actress in her own right and they married before he was mega famous. I think he is right, she loves him and he is lucky. Not many marriages survive the Tinsel Town mauling , they have stayed out of the Paparazzi spot light and quietly lived their lives. I like a love story ❤️

  40. Quite a rarity. Definitely not typical of an “arrangement”.

  41. Oh, don’t forget about the money.

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