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Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality.

Acceptance is the road to all change. ~ Bryant McGill

Acceptance is the road to all change. ~ Bryant McGill  by Johnny Stones, for Truth Inside Of You.  Don’t forget to visit our Quotes Gallery!


In this page we present you all the categories we have in our site! Our main categories are: Global Awareness, Self Improvement and People Inspiration. Other categories are: General Global Awareness: Sub categories: Science and Physics Technology Cosmos Planet and…

If You Could Ask Siri To Divide Zero By Zero, She Would Surely Emotionally Destroy You

It’s a tool utilized for convenient data or updates, or essentially to simply play around with – Siri’s been iPhone clients’ closest companion throughout recent years. Yet, similar to every great companion, Siri’s known not a little shade sometimes maybe…

Here Is the Father’s Amazing Response To School About Kids’ Absence.

This month, Mike Rossi, a Philadelphia father, took his two children out of school for a few days so they could see him participating in the Boston Marathon. The school called it an “inexcusable absence” evidently feeling that they get…

A Whole Neighborhood Learned the Sign Language to Make a Surprise to Their Deaf Neighbor.

Muharrem is a deaf guy from Turkey. A big mobile company made a great surprise for the young Turkish.

Which Country Has The Smartest People In The World?

This list shows the average of the rates of intelligence ….  in every country. For those who don’t know, Singapore appears on the list that has the highest score by an average of 108.

P.E.ACE project: 17 Υears Οld Aggelos Getsis Creates Glasses For Blind People.

Portable Evasive AssistanCE is a project that comes up with only one goal: “Making the life of blind people easier.” Aggelos Getsis is a 17 years old teenager from Greece that came up with this idea so he started this…

What If The Animals Were Acting As Humans Do? (Images With Deep Meaning).

A cruel reminder of the vast animal exploitation.