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Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

Amish People
  • They don’t eat McDonalds! Simple.

  • Interesting…but I can’t help but wonder if by growing their own food helps cut down on all the toxins they consume..I wonder if they use pesticides??

  • Well duh.. They don’t eat processed foods. Only whole, natural foods.

  • I’m stunned that people can’t see what is right under their noses. No food is processed in a factory, nothing added and nothing taken away. They lead clean healthy lives with plenty of physical work. No sitting idle in front of a TV for several hours a day. No pesticides no chemical fertilisers, only good old fashioned compost and companion planting.

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  • Simple, they don’t eat as much processed foods as we do. They normally live far from civilization so they’re far from pollution. Women also breastfeed their children from the day they’re born.

  • I know an Amish girl with cancer. Non-hodgkins Lymphoma. They live near the farms of us “English” and we use our pesticides and contaminate the ground water and soil. Even they can’t stay away from it now. Maybe not as prevalent; but it happens.

  • All humans can get cancer, the amish just don’t talk about it!!

  • they say it’s all to do with how you eat, work and play, ….what we put in our gobs!

  • They have a lower rate of lung cancer and those of the mouth and throat because they don’t smoke. Oddly they have a higher rate of breast cancer according to a study in PUBMED

  • Food. Simple.

  • Aileen Lopez Dziadek

  • the amish life style is much cleaner than that of the general US population.

  • I believe they don’t use anything electrical so there are no waves going through the air or whatever gets in it’s way including our bodies.

  • While I agree with most of the findings I wonder also about another factor in Amish life and not having high cancer rates. They have a limited gene pool and if cancers thought to have genetic components are not found within their genes it wouldn’t be surprising to find lower rates.

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