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Here’s Why You Should Always Freeze Your Lemons

  • Ross Edwards

  • So if u eat lots of lemons you’ll never get cancer , oooookay

    • Well basically yes, a cencer cell is made of from high concentration acid in your body. Although lemon has its acid, but thanks for our amazing body, when you eat lemon your body convert its acid to neutral which is killing cencer cell. (Sr for my bad English).

  • Who knows the benefits, but I’m willing to try. How hard is this to do, and healthy living is where it’s at!

  • Kelly Blazio yo, see what this says about chemo. Kind of interesting.

  • Not that I don’t like lemons…. they are one of my favorite fruits. In fact I going to try the suggestion of freezing and than fine grinding the lemon and sprinkling it on other foods.

  • My objection is in the claims made of the fruit as a cure all. When the only proof you provide is “all kinds of people”, with out providing the source of all these claims, it lends no credibility to your statements. So me the proof, show me the research. Any body can post ridiculous statements on the internet, and in fact add to the misinformation that hides a truth.

    • Good point, but if it were to be true who would pass it, in the medical world they never tell you to eat a specific food to cure or help with anything…..
      Even if it is total bullshit it’s worth a shot just to utilise the whole fruit I guess, it might taste good… I just know that in Italy we like to have a shot of limoncello after dinner and they call it a digestive to help your stomach !!!!!!

    • johandesilva

      I always used to dismiss health benefits because there was no research evidence. The problem is who is going to fund the research if there is no ROI? Health benefits of turmeric was well known but only now really recognised for treating all sorts including colitis.

  • B.S.

  • Carman

  • Stefanie Mockler

  • Debbie YerushalmyShiri Yerushalmy

  • I use the peels of oranges and grapefruit too, for the same reason – lots of vitamin C!! 😀

  • No i really won’t. Who has time for this stuff?

  • Lina Beinartaite

  • Does the same apply to lime?

  • Darlene

  • Rebecca Lou

  • Mick Robinson read this

  • Allyson G. Thompson

  • Stephanie Crowder

  • Citris Acid causes Arthritus-so I’ve heard.

  • Claire Christine Wellington

  • Tracey Fischler

  • And if u rub lemon juice on the stump of a recently amputated limb it will grow back

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    Main point here is that we’re getting about a 1/10 of the value that we could be getting from lemons because we discard the most effective part. I use my vitamix (any regular blender should do) and puree cut up lemon, then free it in ice cube trays. I gave up soda so I use no-sodium seltzer water (not club soda) and drop a few frozen slices into it. I do this with other fruit as well.

  • Fionna Keller

  • Good for you , but your claims are hard to believe

  • lemon is life

  • Interesting. I take Vitamin C daily as heard from a reliable source it’s a breast cancer preventative

  • I freeze them in separate slices and put them on a cookie sheet when frozen put in zip lock freeze bag

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