WikiLeaks Founder Just Revealed Why Sanders Really Dropped Out

Why Sanders Really Dropped Out.
  • The reason remains the same,cause he was loosing.

  • Snopes falsed that actually based on the interview not existing.

  • Why’s he waiting?

  • Julian assange has zero credibility. He is a liar and cohort of putin. Can’t use wikileaks as a sorce for anything

  • Julian Assange is a new world hero. If you think he is an enemy, then you are the sheep in line for slaughter.

  • Assange is a hypocrite and a corrupt, egotistical fool

  • Page won’t load, Crooked Hillary isn’t too sick to control the internet. SMH Bernie is out cuz she had more delegates at the convention, simple as that.

  • why on earth would I ever believe anything that Assange says – he’s a world class dirtbag, just as narcissistic and self centered as Trump

  • Les Reed

    What I’m tired of, actually, is being teased by this non-information.

  • Truth Inside of You, can you
    Please stop posting political crap that has no credibility. I thought this site was supposed to be about expanding your mind. ????

  • Yesterday you posted tired tin hat stuff on 9/11 that’s been thoroughly debunked. Today you post stuff that’s old and pretty much click bait. Seems you have an agenda like everybody else
    Not only do you have Mulder’s “I want to believe”, you also seem to “need to believe.”
    Perhaps you need to change your name to the manufactured or presupposed “truth” inside or outside of you. Hard to say which.