While Americans Fight Over Which Clown to Elect, Russia Deployed Its Largest Fleet Since the Cold War.

  • The real menace is otan moving towards ukrania

  • this is serious

  • Things are moving along just as Bible prophecy predicted & it won’t be long till our dear God Jehovah removes all human rulers . Dan 2:44

  • Russia doesn’t have any problems with Americans

  • Isn’t the common goal to both the US and Russia to get rid of ISIS??? The Syrian government is seeking to achieve the same goal. The Syrian government requested for Russian assistance to achieve this. Why does the US continue to have a presence in Syria when it was neither asked to be, and has been unable to contain the ISIS threat. In this respect, ISIS and the US are the invading forces.

  • This pro Russia pro Iran pro China propaganda piece is soaked with lies and totally anti US. You are messing with the wrong people folks. The US has been gentle so far. But not forever.

    • Gentle ?? … illegally walking into others countries dictating who can and who cannot rule them ?? supplying barbarians with the latest greatest biggest baddest meanest WMD’s creating the biggest refugee crisis since ww2. i hope trump does build a wall to lock you all behind it

  • Bullshit

  • They didn’t send their “entire fleet”! Quit spreading lies! They sent in surveillance ships with troops on them, definitely not their largest fleet of anything! Russia is on the side of the American people. Putin has spoken more honestly than any of our politicians ever have, more ‘enlightened’ than any of the bankers would ever hope to be. Isn’t it convenient that Putin who is pro-Trump, pro-truth and pro-peace is being demonized? They are a threat to the elitist, Zionist way of life! Times are changing, the world is waking up to incredible things – things we can not yet understand. This oligarchy system controlling us will no longer stand. The truth is clearly not inside of this page.