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The Difference Between True Love And Attachment.

The Difference Between True Love And Attachment
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  1. Love is a state of mind.

  2. Tim Gath Anders Grønbech Nielsen det kan i lære noget af i jeres ægteskab

  3. Andrea Jean says:

    I don’t really agree with all the fighting stuff.

  4. I took that to’re not afraid to express yourself about a problem for fear of losing that person. I could be wrong, I’m just starting to figure this stuff out

  5. Andrea Jean says:

    I think people can express themselves, and disagree without arguing.
    Well, I hope so anyway.

  6. Modrek Casa says:

    same with me

  7. Astrom99 says:

    The best theory i’ve read about love is that love is not a feeling. Love is an action. And if love is ‘hard’, or ‘a lot of work’ then to me it doesn’t seem meant to be. I’ve experienced ‘hard work love’ and what i have now is not work at all. It’s a joy.

  8. Akhila Reddy Tadisina says:

    So attachments are wrong as per this article. I’m sad for the writer. There is a clear difference between the attachment and obsession. Cheers 🙂 next time, happy writing!!

  9. Fatima Muñoz says:

    So does it mean that I was just attached to my ex husband for 2years?

  10. Mudassar Ali says:

    In my opinion, Love and attachment are parallel lines that don’t meet yet they help in the voyage.
    People love at first, then can get attached, Or get attached and Love being attached. But it’s fear that sneaks in and corrupts this relationship, may it be Love or may it be Attachment. Fear leads to possessiveness, which can give birth to doubt as well, It then suffocates any relationship. This was one case mostly for females but it can happen with males as well until any one the individual matures and accepts reality of life and that it’s not a fantasy like in a movie.
    Another case is when some people want to rule, this can be also because one individual submits and someone does always submit, could be a female or a male, someone always submits a little more. And if you submit to someone who doesn’t understand this submission other than a source of power and rule display then the same person who submitted would be in LOVe according to this article whilst the other could be in an attachment whilst from a step backward looking at them both, they would claim to be in love .. So it’s more of something related to a persons nature and nature to accept mistakes if any, learn and grow to become a better and mature person … once someone is mature then they learn to live a real life in a real world … for each other.

  11. Anindyå Mahantä says:

    What kind of love lets you be ok without your partner around you??…. Bullshit article.. No one can define true love.. It happens… There is no rules and regulations to attain true love… Do you think of yourself as love guru?? True lover.. Yeah? 😂

  12. Jessica Burch says:

    There’s a lot o grey areas in this doesn’t quite make sense. It sounds like they’re trying to say not to love anything ever at all and be ok with it, or saying to let love go?I dunno. Attachment is a part of a relationship, a detached relationship is unhealthy. I get that being too attached is a bad thing but there has to be a connection as well.

  13. Khusbu says:

    The word attachment used here denotes lust and obssessive in love….the word attachment is to the spritual level….attachment refer to being connected with that person….i don’t like the way the writer have used the word attachment….😓😓😓😓

  14. Gette says:

    I understand your point, I think what the author should have used/meant was a mix of infatuation, co-dependency, Andy obsession. Attachment IS a part of “true love” when it’s healthy!

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