Study Finds that Without Election Fraud Sanders Would Have Won by Landslide

  • Something like having your heart ripped out of your chest

  • Espen Jønsberg Andersen

  • Stop with the “election fraud” already That is Drumpf’s cry, but only if he loses

  • Socialism lost so I’m ok with that.

  • Does this surprise you

  • Gary Shutes

  • And what they will be doing about it?

  • Clean up & have another go. By then, with a clean slate & three years of either Biff Trump or Dillary Clinton you should be a shoe-in to win it.

  • How come sanders himself is quiet about this and supporting Hillary but the right wing distraction machine is working full force? Wake up.

  • So cheating is okay? Threatening to kill his family is okay? Why because she is a woman or a Democrat?How is she better than Trump? Shame on you for informing the corrupt status quo. I now voting for Jill Stein!

  • Seriously?!?!??