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Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy. Scientists Explain The World of Quantum Physics.

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  1. lovely human says:

    So anime can be real?

  2. Vera Theelen says:

    Quantum is beautiful!!!!

  3. OMG Just tell them the truth!

  4. Interesting subject to know in details 😉

  5. That is useful information…!

  6. We give high respect

  7. Yes my favorite subject

  8. Check out the double slit experiment in detail
    Trust me absolutely profound implications

  9. Btw check your inbox also …

  10. Except, what quantum physics is saying is that we can no longer accurately define what “real” is.

  11. Even the concept of “existence” is blurry. Things that are “real” or that “exist” cannot change into other things. So, the thing one sees is only a momentary sliver of a very long history of moments strung together. No two moments are exactly identical. So, upon examination only names can be used to relate to the rapidly changing experiences we call reality.

  12. Marc Preston Moss Again, the English Language is an entertainment and communication tool. It is not a a learning tool. Meaning that when we speak all that we are really doing is mimicking sounds. But of course Education does not teach us this. The definition of a letter of the alphabet is a symbol that represents a speech sound. This alone should tell you that nothing anyone taught you to say even exists. What this world needs right now is someone to explain this to everyone, instead of complicating matters even more with their mindless dribble (scientists). Everyone has the right to know that nothing Education taught them even exists. Everyone.

  13. Thats what has been well understood and defined by hinduism.,’THE MAYA’

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