Recent Poll Shows More Americans Want Clinton Indicted than Want Her to Be President.

  • Why are americians so damm stupid.

  • Unlike this page and not me I am going blue Hillary

    • Yes please, all Clinton and Trump fanatics get the hell out of here please! This page is dedicated for openminded people, not brainwashed sheeps.

    • False-consensus bias — As we are limited in understanding circumstances outside of our own consciousness, we tend to believe that most other people think just like we do — although there may be no justification for such an assumption.

      Especially rampant in group settings, false consensus biases can make us accept that the opinions, preferences, and values of our own group match those of the larger population — since group members reach a consensus and rarely encounter those who dispute it, they tend to believe that everyone thinks that way. This is the sort of groupthink that convinces religious and political radicals they have greater support.

    • So many are manipulated by fear and deception. They are conditioned to believe one must win, and winning somehow makes them a winner. Clearly only those who do the manipulating are winning, and have been for a very long time. Who knows if there is any effect at all, or whether someone merely pushes a button to begin notifying us of our victory or loss as per the script? If people all voted for outsiders, would their votes even be tallied? Or is it all a ruse? If the Duke informs the peasants what THE KING has given to be the law, who among the illiterate, will object or question it. It was one thing then, but today there is no excuse for staying an ignorant and incompetent fool. I am embarrassed, and shamed by humanity. If, in the future, advanced intellect determines what we have done, with what we had available, we will be the laughingstock of existence. The penultimate example of the worst possible outcome. Nature’s biggest failure. HATE, GREED, ENVY, WAR, DESTRUCTION, DOMINANCE, TORMENT, FEAR, … We are a plague which refuses to change. The miraculous happenstance of us and this biosphere gave us every opportunity to create the real heaven, and we allowed the worst of everything conceivable to transform it into a living permanent hell. A despicable abandonment of responsibility. Traitors to everything.

    • Truth Inside Of You Says the Lemming Illuminati hater and villainizer — fuk the fuq off, kid. And, watch out for that cliff, the first st3p is a d0uch3y, you pathetic child. 🙁

    • Having a stand doesnt make one fanatic. Are you open minded really?

    • Double standard much? You seem very angry Truth Inside Of You.


  • #Jill2016 #GoGreen #NeverHillary #NeverTrump #TimeToRevolt #VoteForTheGreaterGood #StopTheBlackOutOfJill

  • FIRST… A few more US Political Leaders in the past 16 years before her to lead behind Iron gates of Prison for the same (and far worse ) war crimes

  • You better expect a few more years of his petty lawsuits after this Pig loses before he disappears

  • With the justices dept being political now, we have just lost the rule of law. Hillary will expand on it.

  • I want to see Donald Trump win…it’s not every day we can see USA becomes the laughing stock of the world…and for 4 yrs too…wow..reality show at its best….bring it on…dont get me wrong…usa is still going to be a laughing stock if Hillary wins…but hey…let Trump wins…we can laugh about how stupid americans are for years to come…hahaha 🙂 i cant wait…:)

    • If the people want lower taxes instead of higher taxes and vote in Trump to accomplish that, then that’s their business. It helps their bottom line.
      I wouldn’t care what the rest of the world thinks.
      I know that I don’t poll the world to determine my vote.
      I do what I think is best for me and my family.
      I think that is pretty much how many people do it in other countries too, but choose your own path. That’s every human’s natural right.

    • William St vote…it’s our right to laugh at your country…be a good sport…you guys cant be more entertaining than now up to the next 4 years,,.and we love it….:) and if Donald win…hahaha…we r happy for u guys…whoever won…we r happy to laugh at u guys too…nothing wrong with that…:)

    • But u don’t live in the USA

    • Mildred Cruz exactly,,,that’s why we get to laugh at u guys for d next 4 years, whoever ur president is 🙂

    • That’s not funny .lol

    • But we still have to pick somebody and it won’t be trump u can bit on that . Lol

    • Don’t laugh at us we are doing the best we can ..

    • Maybe I should run for president

    • I am getting headache because of all the shit I wish election day was tomorrow ..lmao

    • Mildred Cruz praise d lord if it’s not Trump…it will be a daily laugh and daily entertainment for us, d rest of the world, id Trump win..we all can say,,,: see..americans are crazy…they are all chauvinist pig,,..oh,,racists too, just look at their president. Haha…something like that… Well.,.less entertaining for us if u people got Hillary, but i guess Donald wont stop yapping if he does not either way,..we, d rest of the looking forward to exciting 4 year of entertainment and soap opera from USA…just cant wait 🙂 personally i think Michelle Obama, Oprah or Ellen degeneres…would make a better president that those 2, still have to give donald d credit for ‘entertaining’ factor and hillary for being a polished politician.

    • Mildred Cruz u probably much saner that any of those candidates 🙂 especially ‘ u know who, he whose name should not be mentioned aka lord voldemort aka i’ll sue u if u say soemthing bad about me’ guy…:)

    • You are to funny good night going to sleep for the am

    • Mildred Cruz nite..nice chatting with u , god bless..

  • BS. Trump is the criminal. It’s a double standard. Men get Way with it. Women must always be punished. Wake up!

  • The Rasmussen Polls you site is nothing more than a Trump puppet, it is not recognized by any reputable news source.

  • I guess there are some folks with brains that function after all

  • people who have done so much less have been jailed. what will it take. make no mistake i realize that who ever stands against them risk life as they now know it.any correction even now lives will be ruined. it will be of great cost to us all some will die to some thats the least that could happen. what are we suppose to do we’ve been sold out, betrayed put in the poor house our selves. and then to top it all off were required to give when were struggleing WHO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US?

  • Unfollowed… doesn’t take long for you T-Partying Masonic Sodomites to reveal yourself. Have fun in your revolt.u.s$sshun. Don’t get shot in the head or anything horrible like that. 😉

  • Trumph for prison.. Hillary is the best choice.

  • She’s already stood trial and gone through the fire and been found “not guilty”

  • Lie-Larry For Prison

  • Seriously – who believes a poll like this, nuch less post it!!!

  • I don’t know about poll. But do think it is time for clinton’s to retire

  • Open minded people !!!!! Hahahahahahaah!!!!

  • Trump is a clown and an idiot. He does not talk, he boast. US will b damned if u have him as a president. But I am 110% sure he will lost as american will not choose an idiot to b a president.

  • Sick country.