Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

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  1. Wow that is crazy. I bet he’s gonna get assassinated.

  2. I don’t think vampires show up on video (even in the 21st century and especially in Russia!)

  3. Jose Snyder says:

    Move to Russia and let me know who you like it

  4. I thought the same thing.. but I’m sure he knows what he’s up against. Good for him to keep the scum off their county. Sucks for us.

  5. Phil Tayler says:

    It would be great if true, however some links or actual evidence would be great too…

  6. Kevin Keir says:

    Central bank is still operating so this is just pish

  7. I like him more and more .

  8. Faizal Mohd says:

    magicians poker game.

  9. Noel Garvin says:

    Very interesting read

  10. Steven Mello says:

    Obama administration shows up al the time….

  11. Really interesting read this Nathan Demetrios wake up and smell the bacon! Haha

  12. Source? News? Links? If something lile this is real, lets see with which reason they will attack Russia…

  13. Craig Mack says:

    Who are these men with putin?

  14. Haffa Omar says:

    Craig Mack Chief rabbis.

  15. If only all countries would follow his example they would be no more problems

  16. Eric Bennett says:

    They just tried i think about 2weeks ago

  17. kirkland sewell says:

    …are you so gullible to believe the tripe above…

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