Putin ally tells Americans: vote Trump or face nuclear war.

  • Van Highland BrBrandon Small

  • Reverse phycology always workes wether they like you or not !

  • Interesting.

  • And I thought this site would not serve up fear

  • Oh, please are they threatening us to vote for their candidate ? s

  • He’s nuts

  • If she wins i rather die any way can’t watch the crimes against humanity any more.

  • I wish that deal should happen. …because Americans policy destroyed many countries and sacrifice many innocent people …. in this case, we need a new world leader. …. or third world war will happen. …

  • All fun and games till we send one back to

  • Another false story to drum up misguided patriotism from the American public, and distract from what is happening behind the scenes.

  • so what? f u threatening US… clinton is the new president..