President Obama Defends Trump Protesters, Refuses to Tell them ‘Be Silent’

  • Zzzzzzzazz…………..,..

  • I will never accept this bigot as my president. He is an insult to our country. He is exactly what we do not need. A con. A crook. A cheap skate. A cheater. A poor excuse of a human being.

    • I want to see his long form Birth Certificate, he was obviously born an Orangutan in the Nairobi Zoo. #NotanAmerican

    • hilary has those same qualifications gramps.

    • Juan

    • Juan Antonio Wagnershe is not the bigot. She paid her taxes. She did not cheat students out of their tuitions. She did not rob the public. She is far from perfect, but she is no where near the criminal that Trump is. She is also respected around the world with foreign leaders. Trump is a fraud. He does not give a shit about you and I. He is only their for self gratification. It is prople like you that is destroying our country. You my friend are the problem.

    • Well, he’ll be out of office soon, so don’t worry about it.

    • I want him out of office before he is in office.

    • Hillary isn’t a criminal James Simonds. Look up pizza gate and tell that she doesn’t deserve to be locked up for life

    • James Simonds hilary clinton moved thousands of syrian migrans who are now commiting crimes in germany and sweeden, she also commited a crime of poorly hanlding classified material. Donald trump just hired a 4 star admiral to the cabinet. Im not the problem you just need a nap.

    • Hillary at least has a brain. Orange Boy doesn’t have what it takes yo be a leader. He is despicable and a con artist. He needs to be locked ip.

    • He’s a bigot because he’s white? Or based on….? read before you speak if you know how to read

    • James Simonds lmao time to grow up already. Get over it I had to deal with 8 years of your president

    • James Simonds, you can respond to everyone else but me??? I’ll ask you again look up pizza gate and her ties to potus, then tell me she isn’t a criminal worth locking up.

    • James Simonds is a fake account anyways, another paid shill working for Hillary… I don’t know a single person in the military willing to support Clinton when she ignored over 160 calls for help from lybia and sent classified emails over a private server for “convenience” yet claimed she did not recall what the C meant in those emails… Every man and woman I know that has dealt with anything remotely classified or who has signed a contract to lay their life on the line for this country has a single ounce of respect for that lying warmonger criminal of a woman. What war did you fight James and what was your rank?

    • Aaron Everest, you must be a republican from whst you just said. Sir, with all due respect. Since you brought up emails. A republican president by the name of George W Bush deleted over 22 million emsils off a private server. He also robbed seniors of clise to 2 trillion dollars from their SSI account to fight two unwarranted wars. Don’t even go there on those emails. Back to your Cheat-O Boy, he has ne er told the truth about anything. He robbed his employees and his vontractors. He stole tuition fees from studenrs. He hasn’t paid taxes for over 18 years. He filef bankruptcy 6 times. He has zero experience. I will choose Hillary hands down over that moron

    • I’ve never heard Mr Obama described like that, but well done!

  • Doesn’t surprise me. It’s been that way for almost eight years.


  • 1st amendment rights fine with me always but keeping this past election divisive only hurts the nation and the dissenters.
    They are only hurting themselves from within.
    From The Beatle’s
    “Let It Be”! The opposition voters got over o’buma, for 8 years. Don’t let Trump’s win drive yourselves crazy for the next 4!!!

  • Of course he’s not protesting he NEVER DOES.. makes you wonder what the hell he’s up to.?. Martial law.!?!??

  • Lock her up, but Trump needs the death sentence 

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  • But ignores the water protectors at Standing Rock……

    • If I could “like” this a million times I would!!

  • Getting closer

  • He is right as I believe in KARMA

  • He released a statement telling them that Trump won to accept it. Why do you post blatant lies?

  • Again just shows he (Obama) is wanting chaos evil uprising in the people to be divided. This is why we do not need him as president who has been the worst president in decades. He is a disgrace of being the president of America. Praise God he’s going to be gone soon out of office and ALL his evil followers.

    • Are you aware of the First Amendment?

    • Worse president? Now I know there is no hope for you.

    • Lol .. it’s Mr Trump who needs to be more transparent and say something ..
      Unless your are living under a rock ( which appears to be the case ) , these last years have been pretty good !!

  • That is also why he (Obama) does not live in Chicago anymore because he knows his own people are thugs..

  • You can keep on spreading the “HATE” truth inside you…but TRUMP IS OUR president -elect..period… run a hypocritical page..keep your politics out …tensions are bad do not need to add to it..apparently so that you can get the “likes” like this “bozo”james got him all fired up…if your going to talk the talk ..then walk the walk..this is progressive liberal propaganda designed to heat people up and spread should be ashamed of yourself

  • what has what you wrote got to do with this post?

  • A right to protest peacefully.

  • Get this creep out soonest.

  • Funny how Obama defends freedom of speech but lets militarized policing of water protectors! He’s a douche!

  • So reading these comments I just entered yet another alternate Universe. Feeling more hopeless than ever reading the nasty anger hate and pretzel logic. We R Screwed:(((((

  • Good riddance to this piece of shit president Obama your crap

  • I do not think he was defending free speach. He wanted the anti Trump people to keep making noises against Trump.