Obama Might Disclose UFO Truth before January 2017 According to Washington D.C. Insider

  • Obama left the building it’s gonna be Donald Trump now.

  • Life is all about balance . You don’t always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay, and and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing.

    • It depends what part of the race you’re currently running and if sitting on your laurels is appropriate… It’s all about context. Life is a marathon and you shouldn’t take a break when you need to be kicking. It’s the difference between running and sprinting, or anaerobic compared to aerobic exercise. There is a time, place, day and age for everything and the astute know when is when, what is what, and where is where. Personally, I think we should be putting our best foot forward, and behave like we are trying to prove we can be good roommates in a home that we just discovered we have guests.

  • We are a young galaxy on the outer edge of the Universe. Just like you accept the mathematical fact of other life and civilizations elsewhere, you must also accept the cyclical nature of time and the high probability that, ‘the grays,’ are already here, and have been for decades, centuries, or even from our beginning. Once you can accept that, and living in the fish bowl of humanity, the next step is getting comfortable with the motive… Put yourself in the place of an advanced race monitoring a young, violent, and polluting human faction on the verge of space travel and expansion into the rest of the shrinking house (or organism) that we all must share? If competition and survival of the fittest are universal traits here on this earth and nature — how does that apply when assumed to all the other potential species in the vast universe? I hope we move forward, if allowed, into a Star Trek type of universe, rather than a Star Wars one… because I think we already lost the war.

  • How long is this guy gonna be in position…he’s like a real bad stain that just doesn’t go away.

  • Well – that would be different

  • Lol, a politician telling the truth!! Oh you’re so funny………

  • Yeah, right!!