Nostradamus Predicted That Hillary Clinton Will Win The Election!

Nostradamus Predicted That Hillary Clinton Will Win The Election
  • David Cáceres

    There’s not such a think as WW3 going to happened, it DID already happened. Western civilization don’t recognize it because the people that were annihilated on WW1 where not from Europe. WW1 happened when Europe came for the last recorded time to America, the white men brought, deadly desices, african slaves, all kinds of new crops from Asia. It was an attack and a war that lasted 100s of years, as soon as Europe set foot in this land they started kiling millions of people. A true WW1 happened when Europe, Africa and Asia came all together to annihilate america’s native American MILLONS of people.

  • Whew!

  • Biggest BS… didn’t he predict the end of the world in 2000. How was he than supposed to have predicted this 16 years after the end of the world in 2000…

    • Amen to that. Nostradamus has only had a few obvious predictions come true. He apparently predicted the world will end October 2016. And would you look at that, we are still here. Giving Nostradamus a bad name with these lies. VOTE TRUMP

    • Callum Harvey Vote Trump? So you actually want the world to end.

      • John Donne

        Are You Refering Maintream Media Full of Propaganda in UK they all say is the End of the Wold. WWIII Bla, Bla, Bla, Propaganda Get out Mainstream Media they are associated with the Government. Why? This Why?

        “Weapons flow Going into Syria Pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadist [possession] within Syria, including ISIS, that’s, there in those e-mails.” ~ Julian Assange 7/25/16 Democracy Now!

        Globalism Puppet Hillary Clinton refused to tell the Truth and complain about the Word Bombs!!!

        And makes “Rubbish” intellectual comments regarding Trump is responsible
        Terrorist attacks. So let’s remain her short term memories that Wikileaks Email Show her Greatest deception she’s don’t represent woman and definably not quality as President. Islamic Terrorist wrote ‘bombs will be heard in the streets,’ authorities say!

  • Nostradamus name back at it again with making fairy tails.

  • … . : A leaked audio recording of a conversation between Hillary Clinton and campaign donors reveals the Democratic presidential nominee calling Bernie Sanders supporters basement-dwellers who seek out a “political revolution.”

    “They’re children of the Great Recession,” Clinton said of Bernie fans. “And they are living in their parents’ basement. They feel they got their education, and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves.”

    The leaked recording discloses Clinton’s comments at a Virginia fundraiser hosted by former U.S. ambassador Beatrice Welters in February, reports the Washington Free Beacon

    Clinton said that many Democratic voters support Sanders because they believe in his vision of “free college, free healthcare,” although “half the people don’t know what that means.” She added that she prefers to occupy a position from the “center-left to the center-right.”

    ~~~ ~

    • … . : Saturday, October 01, 2016
      byCommon Dreams
      Hacked: Clinton’s Musings on Sanders Fans, Nuclear Arms, Occupying Center-Right
      Democratic nominee admitted to fundraiser attendees that “political revolution is pretty appealing” for disaffected “children of the Great Recession” ~~~ ~

    • Here’s exactly what she said. This is the original audio from the Washington Free Beacon. You tube videos are doctored and they aren’t the truth. So if you’ve got an hour listen to it you might learn something new about Hillary.

    • … . : Published on Jun 25, 2016
      A Bloomberg poll asking Bernie Sanders supporters if they would support Hillary in November shows that the Clinton campaign’s efforts to woo Bernie voters is not working.

      Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

      The Jimmy Dore Show is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country. It is part of the Young Turks Network– the largest online news show in the world. ~~~ ~

    • … . : Neoliberalism believes that markets are self-sufficient unto themselves, that they do not need regulation, and that they are the best guarantors of human welfare. Everything that promotes the market, i.e., privatization, deregulation, mobility of finance and capital, abandonment of government-provided social welfare, and the reconception of human beings as human capital, needs to be encouraged, while everything that supposedly diminishes the market, i.e., government services, regulation, restrictions on finance and capital, and conceptualization of human beings in transcendent terms, is to be discouraged.

      When Hillary Clinton frequently retorts—in response to demands for reregulation of finance, for instance—that we have to abide by “the rule of law,” this reflects a particular understanding of the law, the law as embodying the sense of the market, the law after it has undergone a revolution of reinterpretation in purely economic terms. In this revolution of the law persons have no status compared to corporations, nation-states are on their way out, and everything in turn dissolves before the abstraction called the market.

      One way to sum up neoliberalism is to say that everything—everything—is to be made over in the image of the market, including the state, civil society, and of course human beings. Democracy becomes reinterpreted as the market, and politics succumbs to neoliberal economic theory, so we are speaking of the end of democratic politics as we have known it for two and a half centuries. As the market becomes an abstraction, so does democracy, but the real playing field is somewhere else, in the realm of actual economic exchange—which is not, however, the market. We may say that all exchange takes place on the neoliberal surface.

      Neoliberalism is often described—and this creates a lot of confusion—as “market fundamentalism,” and while this may be true for neoliberal’s self-promotion and self-presentation, i.e., the market as the ultimate and only myth, as were the gods of the past, I would argue that in neoliberalism there is no such thing as the market as we have understood it from previous ideologies.

      The neoliberal state—actually, to utter the word state seems insufficient here, I would claim that a new entity is being created, which is not the state as we have known it, but an existence that incorporates potentially all the states in the world and is something that exceeds their sum—is all-powerful, it seeks to leave no space for individual self-conception in the way that classical liberalism, and even communism and fascism to some degree, were willing to allow.

      There are competing understandings of neoliberal globalization, when it comes to the question of whether the state is strong or weak compared to the primary agent of globalization, i.e., the corporation, but I am taking this logic further, I am suggesting that the issue is not how strong the state is in the service of neoliberalism, but whether there is anything left over beyond the new definition of the state. Another way to say it is that the state has become the market, the market has become the state, and therefore both have ceased to exist in the form we have classically understood them.

      Of course the word hasn’t gotten around to the people yet, hence all the confusion about whether Hillary Clinton is more neoliberal than Barack Obama, or whether Donald Trump will be less neoliberal than Hillary Clinton. The project of neoliberalism—i.e., the redefinition of the state, the institutions of society, and the self—has come so far along that neoliberalism is almost beyond the need of individual entities to make or break its case. Its penetration has gone too deep, and none of the democratic figureheads that come forward can fundamentally question its efficacy.

      I said almost. The reason why Bernie Sanders, self-declared democratic socialist, is so threatening to neoliberalism is that he has articulated a conception of the state, civil society, and the self that is not founded in the efficacy and rationality of the market. He does not believe—unlike Hillary Clinton—that the market can tackle climate change or income inequality or unfair health and education outcomes or racial injustice, all of which Clinton propagates. Clinton’s impending “victory” (whatever machinations were involved in engineering it) will only strengthen neoliberalism, as the force that couldn’t be defeated even when the movement was as large and transcendent as Sanders’s. Although Sanders doesn’t specify “neoliberalism” as the antagonist, his entire discourse presumes it. ~~~ ~

    • … . : a pox upon both of the political establishment parties! ~~~ ~

    • Charles McNeill Well Charles we can post all night long you with your click bait and scam tracker sites and me with the authentic sites. I see that you like neither so I’ll just leave you to keep posting this crap from less than credible sites. You have a good night now and a great weekend. I don’t debate or argue with people who have closed their minds and can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • … . : I could subjectively say the same of you … .

    • Charles McNeill But I like one and you like neither.

    • … . : this election will take on a dynamics or a life of its own! And no matter who wins the neoliberal globalization economics will have to be addressed after November!

  • Well he’s been wrong or cloudy on thing’s be for!!

  • This is a bunch of Bologna

  • *2016 in place of 2012

  • um, nah, probably not

  • Anusha Arun idhar dekho

  • Now if Nostradamus predicted a Devil woman would win, then Hillary should be leaping for joy

  • John Donne

    Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy


    “Weapons flow Going into Syria Pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadist [possession] within Syria, including ISIS, that’s, there in those e-mails.” ~ Julian Assange 7/25/16 Democracy Now!

    Hillary Clinton left behind no major achievement as the U.S. Secretary of State; but, actually, she did. Unfortunately, all of her major achievements were bad, and some were catastrophic. Six countries were especially involved: Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. The harm she did to each country was not in the interest of the American people, and it was disastrous for the residents there.

    Libya. 30,000 Muslim Died 1/4 African Died base on lies. Obama/Hillary 2011. Destroy Libya is now a failed state same Syria. Their Awful View New World Order. It’s time to End that “Rigged System where everyone can live in peace no wars in the Mideast. It’s time for all races to unite and begin the journey of making America great again. Americanism not Awful Globalism.

    Politicians like Hillary Clinton are the example what is everything has gone wrong with America, She’s is Puppet Doing Their Job Well. For their Foreign Countries Donors You Aren’t the Majority the Silence Majority Vote Out of Globalist Control. It’s Time to be part of Historical “Brexit” against Globalist Endless Wars in the Mideast, Stop TPP….Americanism not globalism!