Microchip Implant

NBC NEWS: All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant By 2017

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  1. Disturbing & mass control!

  2. Ha ha I knew it years ago!

  3. Dale Thomas says:

    You can try.see what you get….

  4. Feb Pesca says:

    so what happen if a citizen don’t like that implant????

  5. Homer Zabala says:

    That’s what’s in the bible says…..

  6. Kevin Dynna says:

    I cant beleive people take this seriously. Just go look on Snopes and find out the real story.

  7. When hell freezes over!

  8. ha ha ha. They’ll do it when they come for your brain

  9. That will be an expensive day for the taxpayers.

  10. You will never know it even happened.

  11. Jean Callary says:

    Another totally bogus report. Please don’t believe this … it just ain’t so. Can’t imagine why people feel like they need to frighten people with this sort of crap.

  12. Deanna Allen says:

    Lol! This is ridiculous and will never happen.

  13. Ash Bryant says:

    2017 might be a little soon for “all” but it’s definitely coming!

  14. Illuminati! Chem trails! Vaccine autism! Good Lord.

  15. If you do end up with a chip it will be in infancy so your mom can track you on her iPhone.

  16. Leo Wanker says:

    All politicians & bankers

  17. Leo Wanker says:

    It’s called a mobile phone everyone has already got one

  18. Jean, I’m not frightened for myself, as I’m confident in who I am through Christ. If you or others are frightened, perhaps you should be. It is happening now, by choice, sold as a “convenience”.


  19. Im not religious, but the mark of the beast????

  20. Jean and how are you sooooo sure? So many proofs around you but you still don’t at least suspect?

  21. Scare tactics for people who are easy to scare, Vaibhav. This is not reality.

  22. I have been hearing this for 20 years

  23. Judy Payne says:

    they r going to have to work fast

  24. Jasmina Dzas says:

    Of corse, its starts the end…

  25. Jim Richard says:

    We put chips under the skin of our dogs to identify them, why not humans ? However, the hand will make the chip too vulnerable to being damaged. The better place would be between the eyes, for that spot is better protected when anything comes to strike the face. Hmm, maybe that’s the mark of the Beast spoken of in Revelation ? 😀

  26. most people will not want to be michrochipped.

  27. It would lead to constant surveillance allowing for no privacy becoming prisoners of the state . not for me.

  28. Debbi Goetz says:

    Checked on Snopes.com. This is not true.

  29. Nope
    never will happen

  30. Cecilia Hill says:

    Not if I can help it!!!

  31. Rob King says:

    Good luck with sticking one in me!

  32. Rosa Choi says:

    Uhhhh….no thanks.

  33. Fear porn. They need this to thrive. The cabal so caught up in their agenda not even aware of what is coming down the pike just for them.

  34. Read it in the bible Mark of the devil it is coming I’d rather die

  35. Not true this story keeps recirculating all the time. Stirs up fear factors and conspiracy folks to a frenzy

  36. Ya I remember the 2016 one same post but maybe it’s just a warning but still no one’s gonna just get chipped you know

  37. You guys are silly this is not going to happen. But if you look at your ID card or passport, you may already carrying a microchip. Over in germany it’s already a thing and people are microwaving them illegally and using RFID blockers. And if you’re worried about surveillance, you mineaswell put your phone in a faraday cage, cause you carry a bug everywhere you go, and we all know the NSA can listen in any time they’d like.

  38. Your cell phone is a constant surveillance device.

  39. Everyone on FB, Google, twitter, Pokémon Go is traceable, they don’t need implants to track you.

  40. Jim Richard says:

    Not down at your level apparently. 😀

  41. Wow. Big Brother is here. Something like this is a two edge sword. It can be used for good, and it can be used against us. Stop and think. How do you think it’s going to be used?

  42. If it’s in the hand would they know what your doing with it???? Oh dear!!!!!

  43. Not between your eyes for that’s your pineal gland where someday if you choose to increase your consciousness from low to higher…this we all have the ability to do so.

  44. Actually I would prefer not to have microchip on my body.

  45. Rex Wilkie says:

    They’d have to dig me up first. Scary s..t. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, & this is headed in that direction

  46. Jim Richard says:

    Sue A Sanfordson We’re talking skin level. Hope this helps

  47. Ron Jay says:

    Where’s Muldar and Skully?

  48. Mark of the beast and if you believe it isn’t than Dajjal has deceived you well.

  49. FYI all Americans got a different kind of chip and number the day their births where recorded with the U.S government it’s called your social security number..dooohhhh

  50. crap are we there already?

  51. Ian Johnson says:

    Your tin foil hat should fix that

  52. Mutia Farida says:

    Once again.. Good for you..

  53. Marsha Shaw says:

    It is the mark of the beast, the 21st century version.

  54. Peter Brou says:

    with deadly chemical only to be released with one press of the botton

  55. His this the truth or not the truth?
    If it’s not real and nothing happens in 2017 I will not like this page anymore….
    I don’t believe it’s true, how can they possibly chip all Americans by 2017? But let’s see.

  56. This is alarming! Where are we headed to, exactly? O.M.G.!

  57. I guess it comes with a big mac and mustard? Doug

  58. Moms will chip their kids like you chip your dog. Inevitably.

  59. Leo Wanker says:

    Fnul el a
    Aka ranya el haha.

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