Muslim Teacher Told To Hang Herself With Her Headscarf Cause ‘It Isn’t Allowed’ In Trump’s America

  • Lol… I call bullshit

  • Trumps america all day

  • To much hate. What are we teaching are children? Sad sad it came down to this over one man. Trump may god have mercy on his evil soul

    • get rid of that man and we’ll b living in paradise

    • God is written like that
      If you say God as god, it doesn’t show the true meaning of almighty God
      yet, what concerns me more that …
      you didn’t say Saudi is shit because they don’t allow Christians to build a church
      But you accuse Trump of being racist
      What a demon soul you got,
      i wish you same mercy as you’re killing people of your own religion by keeping silent about what Middle East regimes been doing to Christians & Christianity in general

      you are not much better than Trump

    • Are you kidding???? Or are you just deaf and blind??? I am so much better the trump. I don’t go around hating ppl cuz there blk Islamic Mexicans Or just being a women. I hate racism sexism and ppl who thinks that what Trump says is Ok. I will always stand up to racism bigotry. And fight for my country and the ppl who are out to destroy what we stand for.. Trump is a racist bigot sexist evil dangerous man. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And if u can’t see that like the other half of this country then ur deaf blind or just stupid. And ur defending him and ur from the middle east??? Wow!!!! Guess you don’t know what he thinks about your ppl. And u don’t live in the USA you don’t have to hear and see what is going on in my country. So kindly keep ur opinions to ur self.thanks

  • it isn’t Drumpf”s America yet, b4 that happens, he’ll be impeached hopefully

    • It pretty much is Trumps. The intelligence dept. has told Obama there will be no more treasonous acts and he will hand over the presidency in a respectful manner. We dodged a bullet with Clinton.

    • we still have till January, Trumpet won by electoral vote

    • That’s the big lie they’re pushing anyway

    • With all the voter fraud Clinton had going on she will never challenge it. 3million illegals voted and voting machines switching from Trump to Clinton. It was Trump by a landslide without the fraud.

    • we’ll see wat happens in January

    • Lol ok, but a dont know how they can challenge a landslide with voter fraud all over the Democratic side.

    • He can’t be impeached if he isn’t the president yet.

    • Hillary will win

    • U just shitty trump told the afghan prince to piss off…

    • The election is over moron. All these crybabies need to go back to kindergarten.

  • I just love what the American hacker and the Russian Government have morphed us into — this is awesome!

    • I expect to see the purge by 2018

    • 🙁

    • This has nothing to do with Wiki Leaks at all, those were about DNC, Hillary campaign and CGF. FYI…it was not Russia hacking Read Wiki Leaks, all the answers are there

    • Sonja Jayne I know exactly who supported the Anonymous Hackers and Wiki-leaks. I’m not speaking from a position of ignorance, trust me — nor are all the (correct) news media outlets espousing the _same thing_. If you’d care to add in all the confusion and deception by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg circulating bogus stories and propaganda — that’s also a very real thing as well. Thanks, Sonja.

  • BS!!! Didn’t happen!!!

  • More horse shit from the left.

  • i hope he has a heart attack

    • You’re sick n twisted. Get help.

    • y do u say that? are a Shitler fan? he has no right asking that girl to move her hijab (headscarf)

  • People need to stop these inaccurate comments.
    They pretend to speak for another who isn’t even in office yet.
    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. So stop being afraid.

  • Wow now that’s uncalled for as a scarf is just that and it’s not covering her face so that’s so wrong for someone say that to her. Does anyone have common sense anymore? Or are most raised by there parents as racist and disrespectful idiots,?

  • And all stop blaming trump as not once did he say something that stupid. He wants to clean up america from possible terrorist is all and secure our boarders better. And deport illegals that are criminals and work with the rest to get legal so stop the bullshit evil crap out all who don’t know shit before they speak or text. Get educated for gods sake.!!

  • She should .

  • Stop it just stop it.

  • This is uneducated people being mean and spiteful because they truly have no idea what President Elect Trump stands for. This woman, other women and men just like her have nothing to do with his illegal immigration policy or his stance on taking in refuges.
    I am ashamed of my fellow Americans on both sides of this fence for their blatant stupidity and ridiculous behavior

  • In Pakistan u have a choice . Wear a hajaab or doopata .breast is the major part of the body which need loose coverage. Hiding the hair in scarf I don’t understand the philosophy. What style they r following. In America they have the freedom of choice. Unless they have to follow the attire requirement of the work place. Change the job , where there no such commitment. Amalgamate in the society .

  • that means NUNS cant wear their headgear either

  • Fake I’m sure

  • Just some radical idiot , no shortage of them

  • I am a christian and I think a moslem women in USA should be given a right to wear a hijab just like we christians allowed to wear cross pendant.

  • Bullshit !

  • it’s lie inside of me …
    wrong page name

  • fine just kill her bcz all musims r terrorists and criminals

  • So sad that we are all called humans. 🙁 just sad

  • Sorry to say but some people just like stiring shit. think this is made up to stir said, shit.

  • This just infuriates me.



  • Fallacy. Stop stirring the pot. Accept what is and change what you can. But stop the hate rhetoric.

  • This is what happens when a Presidential Candidate runs his mouth, spews hate….children pick up on this and figure its OK to do things like this…this is how hate and ignornance is spread…Trump needs to understand that what he says has consequences…

  • Fake

  • This is not Trump’s American! It is the America of the people. Time we took hold of it. This country was built on freedom. Wearing a head scarf threatens no one, harms no one and it is insanity to recommend death for wearing a piece of clothing. What is the matter with you people?? I’m not a Trump fan, but I’m sure he would not stand behind this recommendation.

  • Is this verified?

  • More distractions…is she dead? No…sorry her feelings got hurt, but I’ve got more important issues to think about.

  • We live in such a Sad Situation Now. So Sad!

  • Bullshit once again

  • I am sure a liberal wrote that!