Montana Man Gets No Prison Time After Repeatedly Raping 12-Year-Old Daughter.

  • Sign the petition to impeach the judge.

  • wtf no way

  • A taste of Trump’s America.

  • Hang him.

  • Montana is known to give light sentences to sex offenders.

    • Then ALL THOSE JUDGES NEED TO DO JAIL TIME!! I bet if boy is raped it would be a different story!

    • Kathleen Cullen Fishback I know of a situation where that happened there and the rapist got eight years with a twelve year suspended sentence and that was with a plea deal. But this instance is far worse.

  • Maybe the judges are paedophiles too.her family should be made to pay big time.where is child protection?????

  • Hope somebody gets him in the street and get no jail time either

  • What kind of role model is he for his sons ….???what about the suffering of his daughter mad mad

  • Did Hillary Clinton represent him?? I can’t be bothered to read this shit.

  • Kill this piece of shit. Seriously, kill that heinous animal

  • What the hell? The judge who came up with that decision should be dis-barred and put in jail himself. And raped. See how he likes it.

  • Cut his balls and pecker off with a blunt, rusty knife…he will no longer be able to rape again….

  • I would kill him if she were my daughter’