Michael Moore Calls On Donald Trump To Step Down During NYC Protests

  • Just creating an issue he can make into a self serving movie.

  • If I were Donald Trump, I would use the ‘live’ attention to out the following:

    Minimum Wage
    Corporate Farming and inhumain treatment of animals
    The Illuminati and who they really are
    Food Waste and consumption issues causing planetary effects
    Info about The Consciousness Shift
    Monsanto and their impact on our planet
    Info on why it’s so important to push American chilren through school because of the No Child Left Behind Policy. They’re passing children with straight F’s!!!!
    Scientific explanation about our peneal glands changing
    Tesla’s work regarding free energy
    How intention theory and The Law of Attraction can prove prayer, wishing, and thinking creating our realities
    The REAL reasoning about why The War on Drugs was created
    The prison system regarding corporations owning them, creating extra laws to imprison more people, finding a way to perceptively twist laws to find anyone guilty of almost anything, and more.
    The vibrations and frequencies were feeling in the energy via our life force (soul, qi, chi, kundalini, electromagnetic energy that flows around and inside of us)
    The North Dakota pipeline activity while we were voting
    Information on how The Patriot Act is being over used by the wrong people
    How GreenPeace and other corporately backed Save the Earth type of company are hiding the fact that methane gases from animal farming are 2.5x HIGHER than ALL the emissions from every single vehicle operating on this planet…..

    I could go on! You get my point…

    He’s at front and center with cameras everywhere. He could shout so much truth and people WILL listen!! The people want the real truth about what is or isn’t going on with their country and planet! We deserve at least SOME of these things on this list addressed almost immediately!

    Remember, folks, we are transforming creation. We are ushering in The Age of Aquarius! These events happening in the world have logical purpose to help us transform fear energies into unconditional love energies. Truth will come to the surface faster now that people are waking up to wanting to do something for themselves, our species, and our planet. If you’re feeling down, anxious, or any other fear emotions, find something you love to do, think about, etc. that will shift the energies into higher vibrations. The government knows the planet is evolving. They are choosing to push darkness. Remember you are light! Light and love always win! Archangels, the deceased, aliens, other dimensions, other timelines, the future, and more are aiding us all in this consciousness shift! Keep your heads up!!!

    Namaste!! Love, light and miraculous energies being sent to everything throughout space and time! 🙂 <3

    End rant....

  • Oh, get a life.


  • Donald Trump will perform much much better thn Hillary…

  • Michael Moore, Michael Moore, will you every learn to keep your mouth shut, it makes you look like an idiot………..wait, a bigger idiot

  • How dare he win the election fair and square. Let’s just keep re-doing the election until these morons get what they want so they can stop having tantrums and holding their breath. The poor dears.

  • Moore needs to go back to doing what he does best, creating fiction

  • Michael Moore is nothing… he will figure that out someday

  • Obama is still the president. Why isn’t he interfering ?

  • Why aren’t Democrat leaders taking responsibility for their failed teachings and calming down the people they whipped up into a frenzy or neglected over the years?
    That’s what the news should be.
    They don’t get to create the violence then blame it on someone else.
    Take responsibility for your bad actions and end it.
    They don’t want it bad enough. They want this to continue. That’s why.
    They thrive on chaos, instead of living and working peacefully with each other.
    They want more of this to continue.
    If they wanted change, they start with themselves.
    Term limits on News people and styles would be a great start.
    Not having to hear some elitist sounding news person talk a certain way would bring a world of joy to many.

  • Stupid fat hypocritical white man !

  • Michael Moore…step off of the planet!!

  • Can someone knock this lesbian out?

  • Was it not the Republicans who blocked every economic measure Obama tried to implement after the last crash???
    Blame Democrats for state of economyRepublicans helped make this mess.
    Starting with Reagan and his trickle down economic theories he introduced.
    Nixon created the healthcare nightmare when he let private corporations take over.
    Really short memories guys. Read some economic and political history before ranting about the Democrats recking the joint.
    Trump will be like all the rest of our politicians.
    You know why?
    It’s in the bible.
    Power corrupts .
    It was one of the 3 temptations of Christ.
    Read your bibles people!!

  • Wen the shills come out to play

  • Hey, Moore just leave. He won because we are tired of cheaters and WHINERS!