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Keanu Reeves Shook The World With Another POWERFUL Message.

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  1. he and I…can different plane of existence

  2. He is not a tad off course in his observations and opinions.

  3. He is more “present” than the majority of people I know.


  5. Why, because he speaks the truth.

  6. Learnt by experience. Love your work x

  7. keanu is awaken,….he see life in a different way that most peoples,….he knows secrets of life that nobody want to ear,him and us know,….i will add to his message that in time we will be there for you,the ones who refuse or dont want to listens to us ,the awaken,……youll need us , we will need you…as a whole

  8. Larry Garner says:

    Sounds a bit self righteous to me

  9. Great guy. Not wrong at all. I am 27 and totally respect and agree with his opinion.

  10. Luis Rivera says:

    Im not here to judge anyone, but children are not little creatures, they are human beings like you and me, they are the fruit of love and a blessing for men and women alike. If someone doesn’t like children then maybe you should use protection and be more careful. Gaming has not corrupted the minds of children, I’ve been a gamer since I was 5 years old, now I’m 25 and never never have I tried or exhibit anything that I’ve seen in a video game, those behaviors that you are trying to state here are the parents fault!! If parents now days would pay more attention to what their kids do, with who they go out, who are their friends and tell their kids what’s wrong and should not be done, society will be a better one, but we live in s world that everyone gets offended for the slightest thing. Good day everyone.

  11. Stephen Hayes Monty Hayes truth inside you

  12. Seek that inner child hahahah

  13. Inner peace and serenity a state of pure bliss

  14. The man has got some insight, that’s for sure.

  15. I love his take on the world ..He tells it like it is and I respect him for it..

  16. Sherry Hake says:

    He is illuminati. ..don’t trust his words..

  17. Except the children part. If humans are going to survive – more people need to choose not to have kids. Everyone having a family will kill us all.

  18. Nada Taleb says:

    yeah, he knows the truth and we should all feed our mind and heart with the truth.

  19. He is free from the Matrix,,funny that this movie proved to help him on his journey of being a rather enlightened and cool guy,, one I admire and look up to,, Go Keanu speak your truth


  21. Emma Worrow says:

    I love this xx

  22. Fruits of love? Fruits of lust. They are creatures. Terribly fragile, time consuming constantly eating, sleeping or annoying little creatures.

  23. I thing hes in the wrong planet ! Some of us are

  24. Jeff Pontiac says:

    This guy is awesome. His tough life made him better not bitter!

  25. pcconrad says:

    Was that a poem? He “shook the world”? “Powerful message”? He can take a gravitas-laiden pic, for sure, but none of that made any sense. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I like him. But that did not make any sense.

  26. Fabi Ka-li says:

    what`s wrong with it when a woman doesn`t want children? It`s 2016, we have the freedom to choose, luckily!

  27. Lili says:

    Dear Keanu, you should convert to Islam, we as Muslims agree with all what you have said above

  28. disqus_YHhCdcgsL4 says:

    Sounds like Keanu is leaving the U.S. !

  29. Brooke Bolte says:

    1) It’s not inspiring to criticize a *woman’s* freedom to dress however she wants, or to insinuate that her husband is in charge of dressing her.

    2) It’s not inspiring to claim that trans or queer people are causing social corruption.

    3) It’s not inspiring to be critical or people who choose not to have kids.

    4) THIS WAS NOT WRITTEN BY KEANU REEVES. He has had enough trying life experience to know that diversity is important and necessary. He also does not have a Facebook account and is very private.

    You really ought to remove this tripe.

  30. akolade oluwole says:

    School of thoughts are asking ,what is reality? The definition of humanity in search of renewed meaning. Wandering how to places a relativist in a Stasis theory.

  31. what is wrong with this? ” Where women do not want children, and men don’t want a family” Umm? Is there not enough people on this planet? Look at all the people in poverty? All the starving in 3rd world countries. Can we not take care of the people here without making more?

  32. You are right. Does he not see all the people in poverty with no way out. All the starving people who die each day. Maybe we should take care of the ones here, before making more.

  33. Aissatou Sunjata says:

    What about his words remotely have to do with being a muslim??? He reads like someone who is self aware of what is important. He sounds like someone who does not believe it is all the toys and money which makes a difference. Don’t see where anything he says represents anything muslim or muslim-like. He could also be Jehovah Witness, or Buddhist.

  34. Aissatou Sunjata says:

    I think he is aware. However, I don’t attribute it to any religion. He has always be melancholy. He has always be retrospective. I believe he is thinking out loud. Some will understand what he is saying and others will try to make it some sign of his religion. We have become such an insane nation that anything which does not denote Christianity is seen as Muslim. What about Jehovah Witness? What about Buddhism? What about those who are Spiritual and don’t follow any organized religion at all? Perhaps he is simply thinking out of his head and those who can not relate or want to attribute his thinking to some religion or some movie he played in are unable to think outside of their heads or the box.

  35. Ken says:

    what give you any right to say anything at all?

  36. Ken says:

    could just be an interjection but so am i.

  37. Keanu doesn’t use social media guys…’s others doing this, people he doesn’t know.

  38. not in says:

    I cannot be part of a world where people repair every rustle of their car, not sparing any money or time, and themselves, they look so poor that only an expensive car can hide it.~ Keanu Reeves

  39. stephanie says:

    “Men dress their wives”??? No one dresses me but myself. There are men and women, and husbands and wives, The language is come from patriarchy. I like much of what is said, but I repeat, no one dresses me, or my daughters or my sisters, they dress themselves.

  40. Brian Nolman says:

    Ignore it’s absence focus on the Love my friend don’t dwell in the mud be the shining supaststa you are by example 🙂 Ob1

  41. xsv says:

    you do not represent the majority

  42. klementine says:

    1) nowhere in keanus post does he mention trans or queer people
    2) nowhere does it say that this was posted on facebook

  43. Mark Mahanets says:

    You are an Indigo born child Keanu, I feel very much the same about everything you say, maybe even deeper as I am a Karate Sensei, and in the last 15 years boys and girls, man and woman all they want to learn is how to destroy, when Martial arts is about preserving peace and harmony at any cost!

  44. Dawn Pepin says:

    Very powerful message – shame this world is full of people with false beliefs of reality!

  45. Joyce Cocker says:

    Very profound Keanu,honesty is a beautiful thing.

  46. Diane Blais says:

    Le détachement total.

  47. Great personality. I want to see him in person

  48. Who would have known that there are normal people in Hollywood…

  49. Lucy C says:

    I want children, with the right man. Not a man who does not know what it’s to be responsible, pro active and kind. We’re lacking of spontaneity and honor, free of our masks, just being what we are, humans.

  50. I’ve liked this man from the first movie I have watched of his, A Walk in the Clouds.

  51. A little stupid I think.

  52. Ok, Keanu, I hear you, but why did you say “where jealousy is shameful” (something close to that). Jealousy should be not be something desired. It is an ugly fault. Or maybe I misunderstood what I read. Love ya.

  53. I’ve always appreciated Keanu since the first time I saw him years ago in small parts, I knew he would be big. But I have named many a person through the years that would become a “star”.

  54. Amen to that
    He is giving words to thoughts of many people.This one is so relatable , may be I am old fashioned , so be it.

  55. Wisdom comes to individuals not people …,

  56. We become wise – as he has – when we follow our own hard-won conscience, not the passing fancies of a marketplace that capitalizes on “sex,” on appearances, and on fame for the sake of fame.

  57. I understand from another article I read about was that he had a pretty rough life before he became a well known actor

  58. Jasper Carla says:

    This is lame not wise wth

  59. Kimmie Lou says:

    Seems a bit judgey to me..

  60. If there’s one thing I want, it’s meeting Mr Reeves in person and have a few hours deep conversation with him.

  61. You would be a very interesting person to talk to, Mr. Reeves, just because you are pretty damn real, and despite probably many opportunities, you seem to not have lost yourself or your moral center.
    Maybe some day I can buy you a coffee, or a lunch
    Take care, hope you get a chance to read this.

  62. Lori Dumlao says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. My hats off to you, keep it up.

  63. It’s nice but it’s not powerful. Celebrities have such a blind following that they could say just about anything and millions of people would believe it. Why then , with this in mind , do they not send out massive powerful messages about the environment and government corruption? They could literally change the World as we know it. But they won’t. They don’t want to rock the boat that much because it may affect their fame and fortune and they only seem to promote charity work as a tax relief. It’s a real shame.

  64. Some are inspired, some are offended, I am concerned “I can not live in a world that…” Hope your ok brother. Come to Oz for some time out if you need, North Queensland is perfect this time of year 🙂

  65. Kristin Hiegel Tonya Toone

  66. Keep searching, there is more.

  67. Not being disrespectful but it slightly pisses me off tht we’re expected to pay attention to what celebrities say! Can I ask why thr opinion would hold any mor ground thn the average joe? Just like the adverts tht beg money from the general public,thy use a celebrity to do these adverts , WHY ? Is it bcus they believe us to be stupid? Save time n just ask the celebrity’s to donate.. Thy earn enuf £ in thr life time to support 10 families.. (Plus)…the world is fcked up …

  68. Nazuk Nigar says:

    One of a virgo thats all

  69. Kim Ducharme says:

    Dana Martin, another reason to him. Lol

  70. Marvin says:

    That’s because he’s looking at everything from a outside box point of view.

  71. Marvin says:

    Your point of view is too small. The whole entertainment industry is there to distract you from real issues in the world, your country, your city, your problems. Causing humanity, or in this case americans, from focusing on a problem and collectively fixing it. It used to be that the people had enough influence to make big changes, see civil rights, prohibition, prohibition retraction, slavery, etc. Now, you are constantly distracted to the point where you forget about the important issues, are then driven lazy (in order to entertain yourself) and easily influenced to do somebody else’s bidding.

  72. Anne Millar says:

    Who would’ve guessed he’s well known for his wisdom?!

  73. I don’t find this powerful, just conservative, and some of it a little disturbing.

  74. Daniel Reed says:

    Better than most, but much better can be found plentifully in any good nondenominational bible based church in America every Sunday. Where is that in his wisdom? Rely not on mans wisdom but in the one who made us.

  75. LanaRose CR says:

    Deep issues which I’m trying to avoid…K.R is deep & brilliant without doubt~

  76. That’s probably what’s best about his wisdom. #ImagineNoReligion

  77. Daniel Reed says:

    Karen Strangi Coley I understand your feeling. Do keep in mind that man gets religion wrong, not God. And…god wasn’t religious.

  78. Elmo Zappa says:

    Won’t listen to any of these, but I bet he says: “WHOA.”

  79. I don’t care about his message all I know is that he is so handsome.

  80. Samanta Wolf says:

    Honestly, apart from “where people forgot about love and simply look for the best partner” where is the wisdom in that text? Most of what he says is prejudist, hostile and filled with a superiority complex.

  81. not powerful, it’s just words. the guy is a beauty though.

  82. Hopefully he stays an actor

  83. Yasin Mobassir says:

    At least I found a guy with a parallel thought as mine. But I’m really surprised that it’s Keanu Reeves!

  84. Yep. I still love him even knowing he would insist on dressing me.

  85. Davy Day says:

    Posted yesterday, dated tomorrow

  86. Davy Day says:

    Immortals don’t have religion

  87. Það finnst kannski einn sæmilega hugsandi maður í allri kókhausahjöeðinni í Hollyvood

  88. He looks like my son!

  89. Osama Numan says:

    source ??
    nice message .>. but Keanu Reeves does not have a FB page as far as I know!

  90. Philip Schey says:

    POWERFUL MESSADE HERE! Come on , Just good thinking by one guy. The world is dtill not shaking because of it.

  91. Tove Holm says:

    Endelig en klok mann i Hollywood. Dette er noe andre mennesker kan ta lærdom av. Kjempebra.

  92. Samanta Wolf says:

    I see sexism, hostility and a superiority complex.

  93. You are my kind of guy

  94. Sandra Baker says:

    Wow!!! Your a True Diamond in the Rough your Wisdom is from Above … Spiritual Matters are Spiritually Discerned ❤️ you Are Certainly a Light in this Dark world .

  95. Pamela Reich says:

    I don’t believe this quote came from Keanu.

  96. Maria Stones says:

    Thank you for your truth from the heart❤️

  97. You are truly blessed wish I could meet you just once

  98. Sakura De Francesco says:

    Keanu Reeves never said this. And is it just me or does this sound like a christian who doesn’t like transgenders?

  99. Beth Carter says:

    Does he have a problem with transgender, then?

  100. The message there is well communicated

  101. God bless you for this beautiful message

  102. Beth Carter says:

    Well, as a Libra I can see how this could be applied in several directions, but you seem to be set on a single meaning yourself. What if we’re both wrong about what he actually means?

  103. Amazing Sir Reeves. I would be in the same path that you’ve chosen (y)

  104. Dee Walker says:

    your green eyes are fluorescent you are such a bigot !

  105. Karl Cosnett says:

    Bit precious if you ask me

  106. Adam Cooper says:

    “Where Ted Theodore Logan actually turned out to be a miserable & sanctimonious ball bag.”

  107. Karl Cosnett says:

    Is right…. I like women to dress themselves as hookers

  108. Egoïsme (egoist) will be the achillesheel of humankind

  109. H.C. Hornung says:

    The new 10 rules of change !

  110. Lori says:

    I don’t like a lot of what he had to say here. First off,, he says he can’t be a part of a world where these things take place, but he is, just like the rest of us. We are here to make a difference and be positive and this little speech is very negative. Second of all, men do not dress their women. Women dress themselves and men do not own them! I don’t know how he dresses himself, but if he wears shorts or goes swimming in swimming trunks, the why can’t women do it. This sounds middles eastern and sexist to me and like a double standard. I could say quite a bit more about this article, but I have other important things to do.

  111. Lori says:

    It does not sound to me like something he said. It sounds very negative and sexist. Men don’t dress their women. Women are not property. Women dress themselves. He says he is not part of this world, but he is, just the rest of us. We are here to be positive and make a difference. It is very negative to focus negatively on those who have different religious beliefs, which is what is not in this little speech.

  112. Lori says:

    It does not sound like Keanu to me either. It does sound like a Christian promoting living like a Christian or a Muslim, which is not being enlightened. Men don’t dress ‘their’ women. Women dress themselves and men do not own them. Also, there are a lot of double standards out there in religion about women. Men wear shorts and swim suits but think women should not because they ‘dress’ their women and that would be letting the woman be beautiful for others to see. Muslims believe that only the husband should see his wife’s skin. This article is very negative and judges people who are not religious, which is definitely not ‘enlightenment’. Whoever wrote this article said they can not live in this world, and yet they are. Let’s live in this world believing in the people all around us and not judge them. It is our government system that needs the overhaul so that people are truly free to live as they choose. This article promotes taking away such freedoms.

  113. Tom Buccine says:

    Take another hit Keanu….

  114. Real human with a real heart. I’ve always like him but I Love Him now

  115. So praise-worthy an inspirator you are, Sir Reeves <3

  116. He’s a very interesting person
    Veracious reader, introvert, read about him

  117. If this is Keanu Reeves, look with a little more kindness on the world for we all make our own fate. Judge not lest you be so judged. I am old and many days tired but I know we spend our lives making up our own rules only to find there are no rules . Breathe in some of the joys and try not to breathe out too many of your life’s disappointments.

  118. Jackie Crowe says:

    The world has become a difficult place, it’s hard on the heart..but keep pushing forward

  119. The only thing left out of this is “Get off my lawn.” I don’t think Keanu ever said any of this.
    In fact, I just searched on it. He did not say it. It was traced to a post on a fan page and had been circulated widely in Middle Eastern media for a time.
    This entire quote is a fraud and was never uttered by Keanu Reeves.

  120. Yep. it oddly has a bit of of an Islamic influence in it. They are masters of deceit and lies and are not to be taken lightly. Always verify the facts.

  121. Предсовмин Косыгин says:

    It’s all lie and fake, which is misattributed to him. In fact, words belong to one zionist journalist ( this Jew said this after pope’s decision of acceptation of homosexuality and abortions by Roman Catholic Church), then it spiel was misattributed to gay porn actor Aiden Shaw, which looks like Keanu. Allegedly , it was posted by him on facebook, but first: It was a fan page; second : Reevs doesn’t even have a computer to network, according to himself.) ” Repairing every rustle of their cars…” . He’s avid biker and dotes after his motorcycles.( and also he bought a Ferrari few years ago). Also he hasn’t been in relationship, since his girlfriend miscarriaged in 1999 and died in car crash in 2001, and i’ve seen photographs of him in drag. He also supported legalization of gay marriage in Uruguay and is on friendly terms with transsexuals Wachowski’s. ” go to nightclubs, where they’re aping under the primitive sounds” In his Reddit AMA, he stated that he liked few LCD Soundsystem songs, although LCD Soundsystem is electroclash group, and Electroclash is a type of club music. It’s all misattributed, firstly by my countrymen (Russians), then by Moldavians and Romanians. The video of him saying ” his believes of western society” , is mistranslated to Russian video of Keanu discussing Paul Gauguin gallery. And translation of this dirt to English is incoherent.

  122. Al Lennon says:

    Go and fight your matrix you bowed legged fool!

  123. Joosep Võrno Suve Õhkõrn Briis

  124. This is one individual whom I would very much like to meet. He has been through so much, but he is so strong. He does not give up. A totally very nice and compassionate human being. He sets an example of what all of should be like. A true and honest man

  125. So deep and true❤️❤️️

  126. Karen Hilber says:

    Such a beautiful Soul!

  127. Marlen says:

    Okay just trying to understand what he wrote, he dislikes woman dressing like whores, dislikes rich young men ,doesn’t understand nor like flaming gays cause they don’t look like they are meant to look like ,dislikes people that don’t want to marry,dislikes atheist and alcoholics but yet feels upset that people don’t like him because he dislikes so many. Hmmmm and people don’t like our new President but think this guy is fantastic. Confused ?

  128. Kate Tyrrell says:

    He didn’t say he dislikes or hates these people but that he wants to stay out of the world where others act like what he describes…he simply has different values and fair play to him that he is not ashamed to talk about them! ….

  129. Neshama says:

    I liked everything, but this part.


    That is an insult to the LGBT especially the T Community.

    Not something I would call a good, uplifting positive thing.

  130. Saiyida Tanzeema Wahhab says:

    Absolutely beautiful, thoughtful, insightful words from a man who has experienced ups and downs of life. May God bless him always.

  131. Smiles says:

    When you have been… profoundly touched in life …in a massive pendulum swing… life gets really clear.
    Still you can live in this world if only you rise ABOVE IT and go down whatever road that takes you.

  132. John Nelson says:

    I wasn’t impressed before, then I read that parapraph and thought, wtf?

  133. Eleanor says:

    I did not perceive that comment the same as you did. I thought he was saying that individuals try to conform to a norm rather than be themselves.

  134. Jenci Wackford Smith says:


  135. Daniel Anderson says:

    I think If he would talk to me about couple of things, or gave me a simple interview, he might see more hope of human connection in the future. I have a very distinct vision on several technological advances, that I wish to give without patents. And fundamental guidelines for people, surrounding these inventions and their proper use in society. This is not a Gimmick, this is me seeking to answer the question raised to society, that this has made. So if you would like the answers to your questions, id even pay you to give them, because money as we know it is coming to an end anyways.

  136. Cat says:

    And since when do “men dress their wives”? Not to mention he dislikes freedom of choice. Why should he care if women don’t want to procreate? Is he fighting the sexual trafficking of children or doing anything to improve children’s lives? He sounds like an asshole.

  137. Cat says:

    Using the term “retarded” is incredibly offensive as well. His entire rant was white male christian rubbish.

  138. Cat says:

    Oh thank god.

  139. Richard Paul Oliver says:

    God bless you Keanu Reeves, your answers will find you as of those you thought too have amongst your Life….. 🙂

  140. Researchfirst says:

    Those who are bashing him…he never said a word of this. Check snopes. Unfortunately everything has to be researched. People can post anything they want and call it truth.

  141. Lyn Hussey says:

    Imagine how much better the world would be if we all had those values.

  142. Papa Ron says:

    Another one promoting fake news with no research, just posting anything to earn money without doing any work. YOU’RE ON THE IGNORE LIST.

  143. Anvi Srivastava says:

    Such a great writer.

  144. Edna says:

    His knowledge of wisdom is evoking admiration hope those who will read this article will be restore into an impresive lifestyle.

  145. Louise Soroko says:

    well, for my 2 cents, regarding snopes and all, it doesn’t really matter whether he said it or not. Celebrities are a post card of one dimension, for the most part, they are in the business of using the commodity of their self image like a tube of toothpaste, not that there’s anything wrong with that, as a profession, a job. Some, cross over, like Maya Angelo and become icons of historical change…(.such a thing I guess happens outside of the machine of their publicist, it’s a phenomenon.) On this particular subject, whether he said it or not, who knows and who cares? Truth is, Women, moving from chattel and subjugation and second-class citizenship is quite parallel to Black equality. The fact that adult women are ‘free’ to wear pasties or whatever and explode onto the scene with such freedom, is, a good thing. But, the question of modesty is also worthy of definition. I believe ” girl power”, historically, is a fairly new thing working its’ way by pendulum swing….with a good deal of force against centuries of oppression…but, a pause is in order. Is it really ‘girl power’ to fit 100 pounds of girl in a 50 pound sack and turn heads because your privates are spilling over? That is just getting sucked into the Patriarchy and internalizing the silence of your soul to enslavement of objectifying your self… for them. What really matters here are the 12 year olds, the up-coming generation…are they being polluted through advertising mental bombs to wear Daisy Dukes and plunging necklines and seek a thrill, a narcissistic feed of attention that screams ‘your value is in your body as it awakes the attention of leering men.’ ? That is the question of modesty, does it pollute the incoming generation to revert to chattel? I know lovely 6, 8, 9, 10 year old girls who have a lovely sense of freedom to play with style and fashion and dress, and in that freedom, they have a great innocence to enjoy and play and be beautiful with such purity, they find their own unique style, it is pure, joyful, and modest, as they are too young to play weird games, and, thankfully, too innocent to warp themselves into sexual objects as a form of manipulation because they aren’t programmed to identify their image is their value. So, Yeah for modesty, if that makes any sense……

  146. Helen B says:

    … and Snopes is law? You need to check out Snopes. It was debunked some time ago.

  147. Helen B says:

    Oh? So “white male Christian” is now a derogatory term? Need some self examination dear.

  148. Keanu Reeves didn’t say this.

  149. Whoah,,, what if Snopes debunked itself…? Then another Snopes debunked Snopes being debunked…? Then the Universe explodes again…

  150. Yeah.. I knew Keanu Reeves would NEVER say “woman who don’t want children…” and the stuff about God. Too familiar with his beliefs.

  151. Christine Geuin says:


  152. Keanu Reeves never said those things. The quote has previously been attributed to other celebrities and one unnamed Muslim journalist (the link to which no longer works). It first emerged in Russian social media, and then made its way around Moldavian and Romanian social media circles as well as several Muslim websites before surfacing in English social media – thanks to fake Keanu Facebook pages reposting it to their tens of thousands of followers.

  153. Keanu Reeves never said those things. The quote has previously been attributed to other celebrities and people as well. And no thanks to fake Keanu Facebook pages reposting it to their tens of thousands of followers. Read more here ~>

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