J.K. Rowling’s Advice For Trump’s Presidency Is PERFECT

  • She is asked to do the auditions over 4 years

  • She’s a Satanist. Trump Dont take advice from Satanist.

  • Most people would say the same. Nothing noteworthy just because it is said by a celeb..

  • Love her but you live in England. Write something for me.

  • Quit now?

  • Who cares what you think, I think you have enough problems in your country you should worry about. Stick to your fantasy books and stay out of our business.

    • I didn’t know she was a know it all in the UK also. We need to find an island for these people to live by them self.

  • What Mr.Trumps does in the White House will have an have an impact on the entire world. Just watch!

  • Mike T

    My advice for Ms Rowling is to continue writing books. In this, she has some skill. But in so far as offering advice about how to deal with the US’s President Elect, Donald Trump, please follow my advice….as in your books much of and possibly all of what you write about, is pretend. If you were more discerning, you would understand and see-through, how you inform yourself about US candidates and that it is all pretend too. Do you know him? Do you know Clinton? I doubt it. So you, I and everyone depend upon the media to give us our information. A bad idea. Fore both sides of the media are biased, not objective So I say to you judge nothing in the media. Wait for ACTIONS. They speak much louder.