ISIS Commander Declares Donald Trump ‘a complete maniac’

  • Does he look manic? Definitely. White Trash. Silverspoonfed.

    • “Orange trash”. I refuse to accept this thing as a white man. Orange trash that wasted everyone’s time getting in when he won’t last half a term.

  • Democrats haven’t been this upset since Republicans freed the slaves.

  • LOL! As if people would take advice from mass murders.
    Those who do need to open their ears to other perspectives and not be a tool for their propaganda.

    • it is over now he is the president now , every one hates america should be happy now , great countries only fall wen its people choose a crazy man as president .

  • Rofl

  • that means he’s doing something right.

    • lol doing the right for I SIS ,more bombers

  • Their strategy all along has been to pull the tail of the tiger to get it to retaliate against a majority of the world’s religious populus. When it happens, they are hoping and planning for it to ignite the mass jihad they have been praying for. Let’s all thank Herr Trump for the fruition and fulfillment of their dark and hateful prophecy. 🙁

  • sounds great coming from that a**hole……what a putz

  • Fast-forward 4 years…???

  • ISIS???

  • Lol

  • Yeah, Baby!

  • Meaning u r in great run.

  • He can’t stick his finger in the air with condemnation, that’s our thing!

  • OK people here it comes hell on earth

  • If nothing else, Trump has managed to scare the crap out of violent, ruthless, maniacs, who are in shock that there is someone crazier than they are.

  • Pot, meet kettle!! Lols

  • AAAhhh Is this a freaking joke ~ I mean your going to give this group so called air time Really ? with all the problems this Nation Faces this is who you choose to give time too Really ??? Trump said he would not have voted for this freaking Lie of a war ~ is that what bothers ISIS so much is that what ?? makes Trump a Maniac is that what the message is suppose to be ?????

  • Yea, sure, it will lead to higher recruitment. Only thing is they are going to need to look for likely psychotic candidates hiding in the back of caves.

  • Jesus Valles miraaa!

  • Many here in the USA think the same!

  • Well coming from utter maniac that makes it credible

  • Wahahaha! And this coming from the chief of maniacs. High recruitment of what, idiots!! More will be going to hell. That’s good

  • Mr Trump and Mr Putin will send all the primitive Islamic barbarians to hell where they rightly belong!!!

  • Yea he going to show you who’s a maniac

  • He is a maniac alright for giving up heaps in the interests of the American people. Not self interest or special interest groups. The world thank God for him being mad enough to want to do the job of cleaning up the humongers mess. And at no pay, or pay to play. No one owns him.

  • Gosh, I wonder how come he is so “well informed” – I thought he was a “terrorist” and US was at war with terrorists. Perhaps I’ve got it all wrong ………?? what a joke!

  • Of course ISIS is pissed. Once Obama is out, they will lose most of their funding. Except, of course, the billions in cash Obama gave to Iran. That will have devastating anti American consequences for decades. Thanks, Mr. BO for being a traitor!

  • He knows… Because Barry & hillary told him so!

  • Hey, look, I’m not a Trump fan, but to have an ISIS commander, ISIS the guys who behead anyone they don’t like, call Trump a complete maniac is absurd.

  • Islam is a theocracy. True followers of Islam cannot separate their religion from their government. Therefore, an influx of true followers of Islam will eventually change the political outlook of Europe, or wherever they settle. It is not a racist remark, it is reality.

  • He is a terrorist himself

  • Måske vil det vise sig at han er den rette , også for EU.

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