Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia & Mind Control

  • So sad

  • Absolutely disgusting

  • that’s a pretty creepy looking screenshot of lazy town. idk i used to watch that show when my kids were small, and the only thing sexy about it was the blue guy who created the show, the one in that creepy pic. the actual show wasn’t bad, if anyone is looking at the girl in it a like a sex thing then that’s their own perversion, she looks the way any kid would, she’s not made to look sexy

  • Well I saw through almost The whole video, and in my opinion it became more and more extremist. Not saying that the point of the video is untrue, but it takes more and more responsibility from the parents of the children that are exposed, saying the fault lies with the creators of these things. I don’t think that the values of Disney and Nickelodeon and whatever children watch today, are very good. But in my opinion the responsibility lies with the parents. I still think that a lot of young girls wish to be popular in school and Are therefore influenced with what is in at the moment. And the companies are somewhat to blame for that, but if you have a child and you don’t implement values like self-acceptance, tolerance and individuality in their upbringing, you are as much to blame if your kid is fighting with low self-esteem issues and premature sexualization. Not saying that it is not an issue in todays society, many companies makes money on low self-esteem, and that is just plain wrong. I can agree with that.

    • Agreed. Even the best shows are only exceptional if the parent is talking to the child about the themes. There are still certain shows I will not let my girls watch, but not because I want to shelter them, I just want to make sure they can discern reality from the show’s themes.

  • Agreed!!!

  • When you think this in normal but are disgusted by Muslims you need to seriously have a hard think about your reality

  • Nicola Evans thank goodness for Bonnie & Pearl

  • ignorant site? Did you see the video? It is the truth. Those who can’t see that is ignorant…

  • Yes, it’s rather a bit much. Perhaps some healthy balance point can be found between this stuff and the sick, rigid, quasi Puritan, hypocritical repression of the 1950s which is, in fact,also very much responsible for this over reaction that started as a balancer in the 60;s . Just sayin. 🙂

  • ok..ok let me cry now too ..

  • Very interesting!!Something every mother of young girls need to watch!!

  • There is always a sick mind on every chapter,believe;”conspiracy” is brain wash is real , and viral .

  • Well… These kids have parents. They should be smart enough to say no. And kids also can identify signals of improperness. Get to school and forget about entertaining people TV and images is far from reality.

  • Jay B. Lawrence

    The amount of violence kids are exposed to is worse. This adds to gun violence in the country. Every new major show portrays death, killing, dead bodies, murder, kidnapping, Zombies. Ads for movies show violence, bombing, murder. MMA shows extreme brutality. Its everywhere and a worse problem than sex.

    • Mega

      Actually Jay, this kind of sexualisation at such a young age not only influences the minds of young girls but the behaviour of boys towards girls. It informs the ideas around the belief that men are entitled to the attention of women but also sexual abuse and *** shaming. The end result of this kind of message isn’t just sex… it informs and encourages violence and sexual abuse against women. But yes… Zombies… yes lets compare the deeply embedded dangerous and often violent beliefs against women to Zombies. Clearly you have spent a bit of time thinking deeply about this issue…

      • disqus_0JgYlgD2Hw

        Well said Mega, and agreed it isn’t just “sex,” I hate how people simplify complex issues surrounding sex in the media to “sex”, as if sex can never have negative contexts or consequences. To further add, it’s not just sex when it involves children, because children shouldn’t be sexualised in any way shape or form.

  • Valdoria

    Young girls raised this way are conditioned not to see themselves as equal as men or act and dress respectable as men do. They become women who are conditioned to think this is normal such as the person whom commented below “susan”. Our entire system is run by perverse and sexist men. Women whom are not very intelligent often fall for it due to their feelings of low self worth and wanting to please. Just think of all of the actresses that had to go to work and exploit and demean themselves .. take their top off for their job. It is dispicable. If you went to work and your boss told you to take off your top while the men sat around and jeered, you would file a harassment lawsuit yet in the media not only do they get away with it, but the audience.. both men and women sit idly by and accept it. THAT is how CONDITIONED they are.. and it starts as children and is only getting worse.

  • Tammie Harvey-Jones

    Kids also see gay and lesbian couples kissing on tv and kids fighting for bathroom rights that don’t know if they are boys or girls, and parents killing their children daily. I cant watch the news without my 6 year old asking all kinds of questions about things they show and that’s without him sitting down to watch it.

    • susan faccone

      This gives you an opportunity to teach. I always allowed my kids to watch what ever they wanted. I would watch with them and if it was something controversial we would discuss it. They grow up very open minded when you do this. I guess though, if you think being gay is terrible or trans children (who are not confused by the way) fighting for their right is wrong there is little point in watching with them, that would teach them to be closed minded. We have enough closed minded people in the world.

  • Romica

    There was even a girl with two mommies on Good Luck Charlie, on the Disney Channel.

  • Brian Diffenderfer

    getting Americas girls ready to serve their Sharia masters

  • This is sooo right!!!

  • Stop this madness now!

  • It’s obvious . Very scary

  • Are you people on drugs? Seriously ???

  • that is why parents need to monitor what there kids are watching

  • If people think that this is real, then you don’t have a single clue what the Illuminati is/was.

    • This has nothing to do with the Illuminati. Here in Holland kids are pretty much doing the same. But it’s the fould of the media and bad parenting. I’m not ignorant, I know the facts. You probably believe also the myth of freemasons taken over the world… All ***.

    • Really maybe you need to come to Southern California because you are not apparently from here.. or a child beauty pageant. Kids are hiding makeup in their backpacks. You are ignorant.

  • This IS THE PARENTING! When my son was young. No simpsons, Beavis and but head. We as parents make the choices what is except able or not. Barbies are not all things and sexy anymore. Common sense. Monitar the things your kids do! They probably showed it because fools have no clue of what goes on in children’s heads now days. Let alone what parents let them do.

  • Satan

  • Engage critical thinking…..fake news.

  • Brainwashing for bucks

  • Keep posting this type of filth to make the public aware. Of course there will be opposition from those that are in favor of this trash. Check out what they post.

  • Disgusting