‘If THIS Goes Viral, Trump Will WIN’: Michael Moore Leaves Internet Dazed, Confused And On Fire

  • there is a lot of anger and frustration out there…time will tell,

  • He’s right

  • I understand that there are Trump supporters who are good people and just as angry with the government as I am, many for the same reasons. My mistrust comes from the totality of Trump’s positions, unfortunately, he is the wrong man for the job.

    • And she is the wrong “person” for the job with her totality of wrongdoings

    • no love lost on HC, but for now I reluctantly believe that the status quo is a better choice then madness

  • Watch the whole video

  • I’m so glad Trump has been beaten. Clinton will ensure women have their reproductive rights.

  • Wrong person is complaining. Change your attitude.

  • lol nice cut job. Perfect for the know-nothing trumpsters.

  • This guy is a waste of space.